How to understand eye makeup brushes?

Collecting brushes for a basic makeupmakeup bag is a big deal. Having mastered it, you can begin to get acquainted with a wide variety of eye makeup brushes. What are they needed for?

The shape of the brushes, the quality of the pile, its length and density, hardness and density determine the result you get when creating eye makeup. How to understand the types of make-up tools? Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

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This brush can be called basic – it is used, as a rule, to apply shadows to the entire eyelid. It is flat but thick, wide enough, slightly rounded, and larger in size than other eye makeup brushes. The tool is useful for creating monochrome eye makeup using shadows, as well as for covering the eyelids with a base layer, if you have plans for a “multi-stage” make-upmake-up option.

  • Eyelid crease brush

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It may seem ridiculous that there is a separate brush for makeup in the crease of the eyelid, but it is this brush that makeup artists use especially actively. This is a fairly soft brushbrush, oblong in shape, elongated, slightly beveled to one side, with a slight sharpness at the tip. Thanks to this, it is convenient to work with a brush: with its help it is easy to “fill” the fold with shadows, and the agent will not get on the mobile and upper eyelids. The softness of the brush allows you to apply the product to the skin in small amounts and, if necessary, layering it for a brighter, more effective result.

  • Blending brush

It is easily recognizable by its oval shape: it is a soft and elongated brush with rounded “sides”. With skin, these brushes are usually very delicate and are not intended for applying textures, but for blending them. But some makeup artists can distribute the product with such a tool – in the event that you need to get a very light, translucent coating. When shading, the features of this brush allow you to create smooth transitions between shades.

  • Line softening brush

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It seems to be cut “at the root”, such a short nap in such a brush. At the same time, it is very thick and dense, wide and with soft curves on the sides. This brush is needed for “smearing”. For example, if you have emphasized the eyelash contour with shadows, but you want the arrows to be not graphic, but soft, you can smooth the lines with this brush and get a more natural result. Ideal for daytime makeup.

  • Sharp eyeliner brush

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Small pointed brushes, on the other hand, help you draw clear lines. The effect of slight negligence, which the previous tool is capable of creating, cannot be obtained with its help. Sharpen the outer corners of the eyes, emphasize their contour with graphic arrows – for these purposes, such a brush is perfect.

  • Beveled brush

A flat brush with a smooth beveled edge is a multi-tool. It is not intended for applying shadows, unless you are going to draw arrows with them. This brush works best with gel-based eyeliner. Also, makeup artists use it to tint eyebrows with shadows. Professionals cut the brush along the entire length of the eyebrows from their beginning at the bridge of the nose to the “tails”.


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