How to understand that your inaction is not laziness, but emotional burnout

Unwillingness to do anything, apathy to everything that happens around – how to understand that this is not ordinary laziness, but the most real emotional burnout?

What is burnout

This is an internal state of a person, which is most often accompanied by depressive and apathetic thoughts. Statistics show that most often people who, due to the duty of their profession, are forced to have a lot of contact, both physically and emotionally, with people (medical workers, police, firefighters, and so on) are prone to this state.

State stages

For the first time, the American psychotherapist Herbert Freudenberg spoke about emotional burnout. He also suggested the existence of a close connection between the inner state of a person and the nature of his activity. Conventionally, he divided emotional burnout into five stages.

Stage 1: all is well

This stage is characterized by satisfaction with one’s work and everything connected with it. A person, so to speak, “from the risk group” gladly comes here, unquestioningly and easily fulfills all his duties.

Stage 2: first signs

A person himself does not notice it, but gradually begins to experience the first signs of emotional burnout, but, alas, few people pay them due attention. These include insomnia, irritability over trifles.

Stage 3: distraction

The third point immediately follows from the second point: having problems with sleep and with the internal state, productivity immediately drops, which negatively affects the work process. Wanting not to lose their skills and respect of colleagues, a person begins to take on even more tasks, loading himself up on weekends as well.

Stage 4: chronic fatigue

As a result, the very fatigue that accompanies a person everywhere appears immediately. Often, at the same time, the biological clock is lost, which leads the body to a state of complete misunderstanding.

Stage 5: prolonged depression

All of the above “alarm bells” sooner or later lead to a serious psychological state – prolonged depression, from where it is not so easy to get out on your own. And here the qualities of a person’s personality are already beginning to collapse, which entails a decrease in the standard of living.

To prevent the development of depression, you need to listen more often and more attentively to yourself and your body. It will be right if a person immediately distinguishes between work and rest for himself.

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