How to upgrade your wardrobe at no cost?

Anyone can become stylish and fashionable at no extra cost if you use simple tips.


There should be no old junk on the way to a fresh image. Therefore, the first thing to do is to disassemble the cabinet. Unnecessary, old, spoiled things are immediately thrown away. Those that have not been worn for a long time, have become small or, on the contrary, too large, can be sold or exchanged. It is also worth getting rid of things that do not fit the figure well – they make you fat, spoil the appearance.

The first step is to get rid of the trash
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Where to put things that are a pity to send to the trash?

You can give them to a friend, younger sister, daughter (if they are in time) or use the dress-crossing trend, which is popular today. This is a non-trivial way to get a new thing without financial costs. You can exchange things with a friend or look for accomplices on special services of the same people. Dress crossing is a great opportunity to get rid of the old and acquire a new one.

Another option is to sell the old thing on the Internet: on Avito, From Hand to Hand, Yulia, or any online flea market. If the product is really of high quality, but by some parameters it does not suit you, you can get a good amount for it, which you can then usefully spend.

When all unnecessary things have left the closet, the remaining things are sorted and divided into two categories:

  1. High-quality, stylish things that are planned to be worn in the coming season.
  2. Worn and renewable.

If desired, the first group of things can be disassembled into “bows” – ready-made images, and even create your own photo album to make it easier to make a choice later. The situation “I have nothing to wear” will no longer be caught by surprise. In addition, fitting will help you take a fresh look at old clothes and find new fresh looks.

You can sort things by style – workwear, casual, festive, or color. Each person chooses how it is more convenient and easier for her to navigate in the closet.

Some things can be reanimated
Some things can be reanimated by changing parts
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Change of parts

If you change old things (out of fashion, not stylish) a little, they will become new wardrobe items. This does not mean that you need to sit down at a sewing machine and try on the image of a designer. The easiest way to reanimate things is by changing parts.

What does it mean?

  • Old jeans from worn out will become fashionable if stylish scuffs or cuts are made on them.
  • Torn trousers with a light hand turn into breeches or shorts and find a new life.
  • An old shirt or jeans can be turned into a sleeveless jacket or additional elements – lace, stripes, rhinestones – can be sewn on to give it a fresh look.
  • An indelible stain on clothes is decorated with appliqué or, on a white T-shirt, with a bright wax pattern.
  • On an old raincoat, coat or cardigan, you can alter the buttons or replace the strap. The image will sparkle with new colors!

As a rule, these manipulations do not take much time and require a minimum of financial costs.

No need to be a craftsman to alter buttons or make appliqué
No need to be a craftswoman to alter buttons or make appliqué
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Altering clothes

Anyone with the skills of a seamstress can go further and alter things. You can get inspired by ideas by looking through old magazines, choosing images you like and embodying creative ideas on old things. Ideas can be the most daring! If you keep track of fashion trends and trends, the wardrobe will always be in trend.

  • For example, an old jacket (leather, bologna, denim) can be altered into a vest. To do this, you need to cut off the sleeves, enlarge the armholes, process the edges and – if desired – add bright accessories.
  • An annoying long dress is easily sewn in and turns into a stylish daring mini or sundress.
  • A wide shirt can be sewn into the tunic – with or without sleeves. You just need to outline a new line for the neckline and sew the product in the shoulders so that it fits better. If necessary, add bright elements: lace, new buttons, belt.
How to upgrade your wardrobe at no cost?
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By altering any thing “for himself”, the seamstress can turn any clothes into an adorable object with simple manipulations. The main thing is imagination and desire to create!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look trendy. It is easy and simple to update your wardrobe by simply changing the details on the existing things, changing clothes with a friend or other people.


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