How to use a kitchen grater?

Large cell face

Hostesses use this side most often. With the help of large meshes with cutters, it is convenient to grind products into coarse shavings with a minimum of effort.

Experienced housewives use the edge for cooking carrot and onion frying. This side of the grater will also help chop vegetables for soup or salad. On the coarse-mesh side, it is convenient to grate potatoes on potato pancakes and onions on cutlets.

They also use this facet for grating boiled chicken eggs on salads. So you can quickly cook “Mimosa” or “Herring under a fur coat” for a festive table. The coarse-mesh working blade of the grater is also irreplaceable in the preparation of foreschmak.

The coarse side of the grater will come to the rescue and, if necessary, quickly soften the frozen butter. To do this, rub a block of oil on a coarse grater.

Fine mesh side

This kitchen tool blade has small cutting cells. The product, after rubbing on this edge, looks like fine chips. Housewives make more effort to use the fine-mesh side than when working on the side with large holes. The rubbing process is slower.

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This side is also used for frying if there are children at home who don’t like carrots and onions in their soup. It is easy to “hide” food grated on the fine-mesh edge of the grater in the finished dish.

This side of the kitchen grater is also applicable for making puree from vegetables, fruits or berries. Many housewives rub zucchini on pancakes on the fine-mesh side.

With this grater top, you can easily get chocolate sprinkles for desserts. It is also convenient to rub hard cheese for pizza on it. Garlic cloves into gruel should also be crushed on this edge of the grater.

Side with “prickly” cells

Housewives try to use this working canvas of a kitchen tool as little as possible. Firstly, they do not know what it is for, and secondly, it is very difficult to wash it after use.

How to use a kitchen grater?
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The main function of the barbed side of the grater is to grind dry products into a powdery state. On this edge, you should rub:

  • hard cheese;
  • nutmeg;
  • cinnamon stick;
  • crackers;
  • ginger root;
  • citrus zest.

Face with oblong holes

This edge of the kitchen grater allows you to cut food into thin and even slices. It is convenient for preparing potatoes for chips. The working blade will allow you to chop the cabbage, cut the onion into rings.

How to use a kitchen grater?
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The grater is a useful invention of humanity. It can easily replace even a food processor. The advantage of this kitchen utensil is ease of use, quiet operation, ease of cleaning.

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