How to use lip gloss in makeup, except for direct purpose

Today it is difficult to imagine modern makeup without lip gloss. It just transforms a dull look and gives women the ability to look attractive. However, not all representatives of the fair sex realize that gloss can be used not for its main purpose. Here are some examples of when lip gloss is used for makeup.

  1. Instead of shadows

Using lip gloss instead of eyeshadow is most likely the most common occurrence. Girls apply glitter instead of liquid eyeshadow. This usually happens when you need to do evening makeup. Such shadows look attractive, but for a short time. They just roll and collect in the creases of the eyelids. To prevent this from happening, experts advise to apply shine only to the movable eyelid. Also, gloss should be applied not in a thick, but in a thin layer.

  1. Instead of a highlighter

Many famous makeup artists who train models for world shows always use lip gloss as a highlighter. The gel that is present in this product creates a feeling of moist skin. Glitter acts as shimmery particles. The main thing here is not to overdo it, so as not to resemble a New Year tree.

  1. Instead of eyebrow gel

As you know, colored eyebrows must be fixed with a gel in order to keep the color and shape of the eyebrows longer. If the gel is not at hand, then it will be replaced by shine, but only the shine is colorless, preferably completely transparent. It should be applied with an eyebrow brush, spreading along the brow line.

  1. New lip care

If the girl is tired of looking like everyone else, then a new product must be produced that will be applied to the lips. New original lip care is easy. Remnants of eyeshadow or lipstick are mixed with the gloss. It turns out an interesting and unusual color. It can be applied to the lips. They will shine with unknown power.

  1. Together with lipstick

The gloss can be used along with lipstick. For example, lipstick is applied first. Then put a drop in the middle of the lips and distribute it along the lip line.

It will turn out that the lips “play” and at the same time become more voluminous. This is because the volume is achieved due to the gloss that goes along the lip line.

Glitter is a cosmetic product that is useful not only for its intended purpose, but also for makeup in other areas.


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