How to use pumpkin for good and pleasure?

The queen of autumn pumpkin retains its properties until spring. It is rightfully called the keeper of vitamins and trace elements that support the body and protect the skin until fresh vegetables and fruits appear.

The benefits of pumpkin

Its fruit will supply you with vitamins C, E, A, group B, PP, and also minerals – salts of potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, cobalt, phosphorus. Moreover, its orange pulp contains more carotene than carrots. It is worth paying attention to those who want to improve the condition of the skin, support vision, and strengthen the immune system.

Pumpkin pulp is rich in fiber and pectin, so it effectively regulates digestion and removes toxins from the body. The water contained in it and the ballast substances not only stimulate digestion, but also free from fatty and bile substances. Pumpkin is also useful for kidney and prostate ailments, as it has a diuretic effect.

Nutritionists advise including pumpkin in the menu for those who have suffered from Botkin’s disease, since it improves liver function. It will also benefit the pancreas and spleen.

In pumpkin juice vitamins and minerals are combined in optimal proportions. Long-term use of it regulates metabolism.

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Pumpkin seeds contain almost all trace elements and many vitamins. They are rich in high quality unsaturated fatty acids essential for the health of the skin, mucous membranes, cellular respiration, and cholesterol transfer. They contain many nucleic acids that rejuvenate the body. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to pamper yourself with seeds and get health benefits at the same time.

And traditional medicine uses all parts of the plant for medicinal purposes – the fruit, and inflorescences, and seeds, and stalks. Pumpkin is a treasure for maintaining health.

Pumpkin application

With increased acidity of the stomach, doctors recommend eating pumpkin porridge in milk, diluted in half with water.

You can get rid of edema if you eat 0.5 kg of raw or 2 kg of baked pumpkin pulp daily in the fall.

For insomnia, 0.5 cups of pumpkin broth with honey should be taken at night (for 200 ml of broth – 2 tablespoons of honey). Pour a glass of chopped pulp with a liter of water. Boil for 5 minutes. Drain.

For problems with the prostate gland, it is useful to make enemas from pumpkin broth and microclysters from pumpkin seed oil.

How to use pumpkin for good and pleasure?
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For burns, eczema, purulent-inflammatory skin diseases, that part of the pumpkin pulp, where the seeds are located, is applied to the affected areas.

In folk medicine, pumpkin seeds are used as an antihelminthic agent.

  • For adults: Grind 300 g of raw peeled pumpkin seeds in a mortar, adding them in small portions. Add 50-60 ml of water (another 50-100 g of honey is good). Eat on an empty stomach an hour before breakfast, the entire dose, 1 tsp. After 3-4 hours, take a mild laxative, and after another 30 minutes you can give an enema.
  • For children: 2-3 years old – 30-50 g of seeds; 3-4 years – 75 g; 3-7 years – 100 g; 10-12 years – 150 g.

To get rid of a cough, traditional medicine recommends eating pumpkin flowers baked in dough (add viburnum flowers well).

Pumpkin stuffed with meat

This unusual, beautiful dish will be appropriate not only in the everyday menu, but also on the festive table. If it is intended for a holiday treat, you need to take as many pumpkins as there will be guests, because the dish is portioned.

How to use pumpkin for good and pleasure?
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  • For a serving, you will need a pumpkin weighing 1-1.5 kg, 300 g of pork, carrots, 2 onions, salt, coriander and sunflower oil – to taste.

Wash the bright pumpkin well and carefully cut off the top. Freeing the middle from seeds and fibers.

Cut the meat into cubes and fry. Cut the carrots into strips, add to the pork and fry for another 5-7 minutes. Add salt, onion and spices. Mix and put in the pumpkin.

We wrap it in foil and put it in the oven for an hour at 150-160 ° C. We serve the pumpkin whole to the table, and eat it with spoons, since, in addition to the filling, it also contains juicy pulp. Sprinkle with fresh herbs before serving.

Of course, this is a hearty dish, it can be easily divided into two. In this case, you need to carefully cut the pumpkin in half, trying to preserve the meat juice that has formed in this natural pot.

Pumpkin for beauty and youth

If you want the skin on the face to become tender, smooth and elastic, the face freshened up and rejuvenated, then the pumpkin will come in handy in this case. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin well, increasing its elasticity. It also prevents the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation as it contains sunscreens, amino acids and antioxidants.

How to use pumpkin for good and pleasure?
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There is a very simple and effective recipe.

  • Mash raw or boiled pumpkin pulp with a fork and apply to cleansed face. And after 20 – 25 minutes, wash off the gruel with water.

You can use other equally useful recipes. For example, you can mix pumpkin seed oil or pumpkin juice with milk, egg yolk and honey and make masks from this mixture.

  • From the editor. But before using pumpkin for healing, make sure you have no contraindications. In addition, there is intolerance to this product, especially in the form of juice and raw foods.


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