How to ventilate a room to breathe fresh air

We have known since childhood that the home should be regularly ventilated to let in clean air. But after the start of the pandemic, comments about the need to ventilate the premises began to sound from every expert. How important is it, does airing help protect against coronavirus and how to ventilate the room your own at all?

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How to ventilate the room

Usually the air outside the room is much cleaner than the inside. Therefore, ventilating the place where you study, work or live is an easy way to breathe more fresh air and feel better.

How necessary is it? According to the WHO, polluted air kills several million people every year around the world. Most of all, the danger in itself is fraught with the air in rooms where people heat with wood, coal or even processed manure. Although in a city apartment there are enough factors that worsen air quality.

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Does airing help not to get infected

It is already safe to say that most often people are infected with coronavirus in closed rooms. Church, office, restaurant, dormitory are places that are not safe to visit. After all, the main method of transmission of infection is realized here – from person to person when talking, coughing or sneezing.

And if heavy contaminated droplets quickly descend to the surface, then small particles circulate along with the air. Therefore, it is enough to be in such an unventilated room, inhaling contaminated air, to catch COVID-19. And no amount of distancing will save.

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Therefore, it is necessary to ventilate rooms in which many people regularly visit. However, airing is only part of prevention. This is as much a way to reduce risk as maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, disinfecting surfaces, and washing hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Ventilation also helps to get rid of cigarette smoke, which spreads easily indoors, and accumulates on clothes and various surfaces. Breathing is not only unpleasant for them, but also very harmful, especially for children.

It is worth ventilating after cooking on the gas stove. After all, nitric oxide is formed here, the inhalation of which makes the body defenseless against respiratory infections. Therefore, you need to regularly use the hood or ventilate.

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How often do you need to ventilate

You need to ventilate the room as often as possible. For example, in the summer, experts advise to ventilate the house every hour by opening the window for In cold weather, many forget about airing, which is completely in vain. After all, even in winter you need to ventilate your home at least 4-5 times a day for at least a few minutes.

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Many are in vain to fear a draft. However, the common cold and COVID-19 itself are viral diseases. They are not connected with the fact that a person is simply “blown away”. But sitting in a draft is still not worth it. And if there are small children in the room that you are going to ventilate, then it is better to send them to another, already ventilated room for the time of airing.

Of course, it is worth ventilating the house more often when there is clean air outside the window. But if you live in an apartment next to a motorway, then ventilation will not bring much benefit. Such people should get houseplants that help purify the air.

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In some cases, you cannot do without an air purifier at home. You just need to understand that in any really effective device there is a filter that will have to be changed regularly. If this is not done, then there will be no sense from such an air cleaner.

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