How to wash off coloring at home

When we talk about “home remedies” for removing hair dye, we mean the whole range of remedies: from folk (oils, kefir, tar soap, lemon, etc.) to cosmetics (for example, special shampoos or balms for hair dye remover).

And although such products are more gentle than salon products, be prepared for the fact that you will need to use them many times to get the desired result, and even then in one step you will be able to wash off only a few tones of paint. Not like a beauty salon!

Stylists warn: after washing off the paint in at home hair will not return to its natural shade. That is why professionals advise doing a wash in beauty salons – this way you can achieve the desired color much faster, and there is no risk of getting a chemical burn or an allergic reaction. Pros use specialized products for decapage (for example, L’Oreal Pro Efassor), and their experience and the quality of professional products will not make mistakes in the process.

But if you still decide to try to make it at home, remember a few rules:

  • black and red shades are washed off worst of all,
  • The methods for removing paint from blondes and brunettes differ significantly.

It is very easy for owners of light hair to get rid of an unfortunate shade even at home. A decoction of chamomile with glycerin and lemon juice or a mixture of olive oil with lemon essential oil will come to the rescue. This will raise the tone level a little. But stylists still recommend fair-haired girls not to wash off the paint, but to tint their hair in a different shade. In cases where the new color is clearly yellow, and there is no opportunity to visit the salon yet, use a purple shampoo – Blondifier Cool (L’Oreal Pro), Brass Off (Matrix) or Biolage ColorLast Purple… This type of treatment neutralizes yellowness and returns the cold nuance to the hair.

Add to wishlist: new year set Blondifier “Gorgeous blond with purple shampoo and a super shine mask.

Brunettes are less fortunate in this regard: getting rid of black hair is very difficult. Therefore, they most often prefer to do a wash in a beauty salon. But we hasten to reassure you: there are also folk remedies that help get rid of the raven wing shade.

The most effective and useful are masks for removing hair dye from natural ingredients:

  • honey (the following recipe is popular on the network: heat 3 tablespoons of honey, but do not boil so that the honey becomes liquid, then cool to a comfortable temperature and apply to the hair along the entire length for 6-8 hours; it is recommended to wrap the hair in cellophane);
  • lemon (many users recommend making a mask according to this recipe: peel 1 lemon, grind with a blender, apply gruel to the hair along its entire length for 20-25 minutes; rinse with warm water and apply burdock oil to the hair);
  • birch tar or tar soap (at home, girls often use this recipe: thoroughly soap the hair with tar soap in several approaches, each time rinsing with water; finally, apply a balm to the hair).

But professional stylists still recommend giving preference to professional products that include these components. At home, you can make a mistake with the dosage or even get an allergic reaction!

There are many myths and legends about professional hair washes. Indeed, due to the more effective active ingredients, they have a much stronger effect on the hair, but they allow you to remove the dye from the hair much faster and with a much more predictable effect!

Professional hair washes are divided into two types:

  • acidic – do not contain ammonia (therefore, they can be used at home!);
  • discoloration – such paints contain ammonia (therefore, they are recommended to be used exclusively in the salon and under the supervision of a specialist).

Decapitation (this is what colorists call the process of removing dye from hair. – Approx. ed.) is carried out using special means that change the internal structure of the hair. The chemical composition penetrates under its scales and destroys the coloring pigment.

Remember: modern paints most often contain several pigments, and it is not always possible to remove them all at one time, so the removal takes place in several stages. But do not rush to repeat it more often than once every two weeks: otherwise you cannot avoid dryness, fragility and fallouts hair!

As with any exposure to harsh chemicals on hair, paint remover weakens hair, therefore, before deciding on one, you need to carefully select a master and salon to be sure that he uses only high quality products.

A good master will warn against washing if your hair is badly damaged (otherwise, there is a great risk of aggravating their condition. – Approx. ed.), and will also explain that washing the hair alone is not enough: after a certain time after it must be followed by coloring (as the remover pulls the pigment out of the hair, and voids are formed in them, which must be filled with new ones so that the hair does not become brittle and lifeless. – Approx. ed.), and your hair will need special care anyway.

And we debunk another popular myth: modern washes can be used even during pregnancy, of course, if there are no contraindications for allergic reactions to components!

Washing off the paint disrupts the natural arrangement of the hair cuticle and deprives it of pigment. To restore shine and health to your hair, it is recommended to make a moisturizing hair mask both before and after washing, and preferably at least twice a week. Washable hair care for damaged hair is perfect for every day L’Oreal Professional Absolut Repair, which penetrates the hair cuticle, nourishes, moisturizes and restores health to lifeless hair.

Ekaterina Bu: “Both by touch and by appearance, I understand that my hairs now have enough. They look much denser, more elastic, stronger with Absolute Repair care. “

MissGlory: “My hair, which looks more like straw, becomes like hair. Conditioner nourishes them, moisturizes, smoothes frizz, split ends do not seem so split. Thanks to this tool, I got rid of the need to constantly cut this disgrace and finally was able to grow my hair. My oily hair at the roots does not need to be washed more often, the conditioner is not greasy and does not weigh it down. “

In the gamut Absolut Repair now there is a limited set in New Year’s design, and inside there is a large (500 ml) volume of shampoo and a cream mask beloved by stylists. Let it be your gift to your hair after an aggressive wash.

In addition, natural oils should be included in the care: burdock and castor. It is believed that this will help avoid dryness and brittleness. But do not forget that often pure oils have the opposite effect – hair becomes even drier. It is safer to care for damaged lengths with balanced professional formulas. Choose smart oils that suit your taste: nutritious Mythic Oil (L’Oreal Pro), strengthening Oil Wonders (Matrix), universal Exquisite Oil (Biolage).

The product is based on ceramides and bamboo extract, due to which the serum is suitable for severely damaged and weakened hair, restoring its structure and protecting the surface from the effects of aggressive external factors. Result: hair regains softness and healthy shine.

The cream, which contains soybean oil and arginine, intensively moisturizes and nourishes the hair, restoring its elasticity and shine. For optimal results, the cream is recommended to be used with shampoo and balm from the same series.

Sulfate-free shampoo that makes hair smooth and light and protects against external aggressors. Thanks to its unique formula, it delicately cleanses even the most damaged hair that has been repeatedly colored.

Spray with liquid protein to restore the internal structure of the hair. It is applied in a course of 6-8 weeks. Restores and strengthens hair after chemical exposure.

Means for intensive restoration and nourishment of hair. Restores natural strength to strands and makes them more manageable when combing and styling.


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