How to wear a scarf this winter

Huge and long scarves will help to save yourself from the cold in winter. You can wrap them up in them, like in a blanket, or tie them in a classic knot around your neck so as not to blow out. But before experimenting, take a look at how guests of past Fashion Weeks did it. The scarf for them has become not just an auxiliary accessory, but the main element of the image.

Milan Fashion Week 2019

If you choose a colorful coat or a bright down jacket, then in this case, a gray scarf is best. It can be tied neatly around the neck or worn over cape-like clothing. Both options are equally warm.

However, multi-colored scarves also get along well with bright sets. For example, with a striped sweater or a plaid coat. Very long textured knit scarves will look especially cool.

Another favorite way to wear an accessory among the heroes of street style chronicles is to throw it over one shoulder. In this case, the brighter the scarf, the better. This option is unlikely to warm, but it will definitely help you look as impressive as possible.

London Fashion Week 2019

Milan Fashion Week 2019

Milan Fashion Week 2019

Paris Fashion Week 2019

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