How to wear a sweater with a skirt and not look old fashioned. 7 stylish examples

Some girls don’t know how to choose the right combination of sweater and skirt. Therefore, they try to avoid such a combination. In order not to look old-fashioned in this way, you need to choose the right skirt and sweater. Here are some examples.

  1. Large sweater and long skirt

The girls took a chance and created an image consisting of a maxi skirt and an oversized sweater. Of course, the idea was quite risky, but the girls did not lose. The image turned out the way it should, not quite familiar and stylish. At the same time, a skirt made of light fabric in combination with a thin sweater looks quite appropriate. You need to choose massive shoes for the outfit, since this outfit does not look good with elegant shoes.

An oversized sweater adds a few extra pounds. Therefore, this kit is best suited for thin women.

  1. Short sweater and short skirt

If the sweater is short, then the skirt is best chosen to match it. In this case, the shoes can be chosen to your taste. Both short ankle boots and long boots work well.

  1. Long sweater and short skirt

This option is suitable for girls who want to feel like stylists. This is because the look is quite stylish. The main thing is to correctly combine colors and fabric. Sets that consist of a long coarse sweater and a short skirt made of thick fabric look good.

  1. Oversized sweater and leather skirt

It is considered a classic option. The skirt made of leather looks luxurious, which immediately attracts increased attention and attracts the eyes, in combination with a loose sweater. The style of the sweater can be anything, as the emphasis will be on the skirt.

  1. Black Pencil Skirt and White Sweater looks

An office option that will refresh and warm at the same time. The sweater should not be too loose. It is best to choose a semi-fitted option.

  1. Pleated Skirt and Cropped Sweater looks

A cropped sweater model will match a pleated skirt. Here it is better to opt for a classic sweater model, as the pleated skirt looks quite feminine and gentle.

  1. Flared skirt and short sweater

As in the previous version, a flared skirt looks great when paired with a short sweater. It is better not to choose a voluminous top so as not to seem fuller than it really is.

Don’t forget about accessories. They will be a great addition to the chosen outfit and add charm and femininity to the image.


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