for an Indian summer and taking a style lesson from Natalia Bardo

With the arrival of autumn, many have removed summer clothes to the top shelves of their wardrobe and got acquainted with fashionable seasonal trends. However, some celebrities do not give up hope of still walking in summer looks, especially since the warmest autumn weather is still ahead – Indian summer.

Natalia Bardo decided that early autumn is not the time to take out a cape and change bicycles for jeans, so she found a cool way to wear this summer trend in cool weather. The actress clearly showed that in the fall of 2020, Cossack boots are ideally combined not only with a light summer dress, but also with bicycles.


Natalia supplemented her look with a pale pistachio sweatshirt and did not forget about the accessories fashionable this summer – a bag with a massive chain instead of a strap, hoop earrings and a bright bandana. At first glance, incompatible things in one look look just great. So if you want to give cycling shorts another shot, a warm fall day is perfect for this trendy purpose. The main rule is to choose clothes that match well in terms of color.


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