How to wear oversized clothes for overweight women to look slimmer

For several years now, oversized clothing has not lost its relevance. On the contrary, more and more women are choosing oversize. At the same time, overweight women do not know if they can wear such clothes. If possible, then how to make loose clothes make a lady with forms slimmer.

Stylists undertook to help the full representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. They help create oversized kits for fat ladies in such a way as to make a woman taller and slimmer. To do this, donuts need to learn a few rules that will help create an image with an oversized thing.

One thing oversized

The kit should contain everything she is not in size. For example, if this is a bulky sweater, then the skirt or trousers should be tight enough to fit the figure. This allows for contrast. Beautiful ankles or knees are immediately visible. On the contrary, if the bottom is fluffy, then the top should be in size. So all proportions will be respected.

Maintaining proportions

Every woman has her own body type. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a voluminous thing so as to observe the proportions. For example, ladies with wide hips should not wear bulky pants, and those with large breasts should not wear bulky sweaters.

Emphasize dignity

Do not forget that there is always something to emphasize. For example, a belt will mark the waistline. For some reason, overweight women are ashamed of this.

The right color

It is worth paying attention to the color. There is no need to choose a bulky item of bright color. She will only emphasize the fullness and give a few extra pounds. It is best if the oversized clothes are in a neutral shade that is not striking.


For an oversized look, you need to think over minimalist jewelry. Earrings and beads should be miniature. This will help balance the bulky item. It is best to choose jewelry made of metal without stones.

Heeled shoes

High-heeled shoes will help to draw out the silhouette of a plump woman. The lady will immediately become taller. This means that the entire silhouette will be extended. It will seem that the fair sex is slimmer than she really is.

Today professionals will help to create images with oversized clothes for any plump woman so that she feels more attractive and slimmer.

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