How to wear pink eye shadow?

How to wear pink eyeshadow? Delicacy and moderation are the main rules when it comes to pink

  • To avoid making your eyes look inflamed, painful, or tearful, do not use reddish shades of eye shadow. Choose cool pink colors with a blue undertone.

  • Combine pink shadows with pink lips: you will get a gentle romantic image.

  • If you have light skin and use pink eye shadow, always apply blush (this rule is not relevant for dark or tanned girls). And remember: blush, lipstick and eye shadow should be in the same color scheme-cold pink, or coral shades. So the image will turn out to be harmonious.

  • Do not use pink shadows with a shimmer in combination with lip gloss: either the lips or the eyes should Shine in this case.
  • Choose a shade of shadows to match the color of your skin:” cold “tones are suitable for lilac-pink, “warm” – coral or peach.

  • If you have blue or gray eyes, use cool light pink shades. Brown-eyed girls should give preference to orange-pink or yellow-pink shadows, girls with green eyes-purple-pink.

A beautiful image with bright pink smoky ice is presented by beauty blogger Koffkathecat.


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