How to wear ripped jeans after 30 and look cool

If you thought that after 30 years ripped jeans no longer have a place in your wardrobe, and they should be replaced by more sedate and restrained models, we hasten to convince you. Anyone who does not care about the problem of flabby knees, we urge you to learn how to coolly wear jeans torn on your knees as an adult, when the protests of youth with tongue piercings, the first attempts to buy beer without a passport and, of course, leaky denim are far behind. For starters, you should know that rips look good only on boyfriend and skinny jeans – retro style flares and models with tucks or gathers at the waist will ruin them.

Tiffany Hsu at New York Fashion Week, February 2020

Choosing skinny jeans, you are likely to get a model with a small slit hole in the knee or hip. But for a free silhouette, more massive and solid “damage” is allowed, because this will only add charm in the style of a kind of tomboy. After choosing jeans, the most interesting thing begins – the question arises of what to wear them with. We think it’s best to “pacify” them with neutral shades, especially when heading to work. A friend of your bare knees framed by swirling denim will be a strict blazer, which is adored by French women and Whitney Houston, a loose sweater, a classic trench coat … When choosing shoes also be careful – with a couple of playful kitten heels or mules you definitely won’t go wrong. And for more relaxed outings, white sneakers in the spirit of Common Projects and Golden Goose Deluxe Brand are suitable.

Now let’s discuss what you should definitely not do. Do not overuse complex prints, avoid shoes that have lost their fresh look and do not experiment with sports outerwear – a windbreaker in combination with torn jeans will immediately turn you into a summer resident who goes by train to dig beds.

Candela Novembre at Milan Fashion Week, June 2018


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