How to wear the gloss, make-up trend of 2020?

On the mouth, cheeks or eyes: the gloss is making a big comeback among makeup trends this season. Revisited in new light and plumping materials, it is emancipated from its “little girl” side and returns more chic and sophisticated than at the time of our adolescence. A make-up artist gives us his advice to adopt it without missteps this summer.

After rhinestones, sequins or pastel makeup, here is a new regressive beauty trend straight back from 1990s and 2000s. On fashion shows and among the stars, the gloss dethrones matte lipstick and shines on every mouth this season. From Sephora to Dior, via Huda Beauty, even cosmetic brands are starting to stand out new innovative and fun glosses by playing on the codes of childhood. Great novelty in 2020, it can also be worn on the eyes and even on the cheeks.

Madeleine de Proust of beauty, gloss is one of the first make-up products you use when you’re a little girl. Fortunately, in 2020 it is no longer reserved for under 18s! The proof: from Bella Hadid to Jennifer Lopez, via Rihanna, Eva Longoria or Kim Kardashian … Stars of all generations have adopted the glossy mouth. The trend also resonates on the catwalks. After a long reign of matte lipstick, the creators are bringing the famous gloss of our adolescence up to date: transparent at Balmain, Off White or Versace, barely colored at Chanel or downright flashy red at Louis Vuitton. “In 2020, there is a big return of looks wet very sensual which give a “wet” effect, with some shine on the face such as highlighter, pearlescent, glitter or gloss “confirms Enzo Fournier, Lancôme Make-Up Artist.

If the gloss reminds us of our first emotions in makeup, there is no question of reproducing the same looks of our college years! “Today there are textures and technologies completely different from those of the 2000s. Forget the bad memories of the gloss which made sticky threads when you opened your mouth and which stuck to your hair … “reassures us Enzo Fournier.” Before, there was a lot of texture on the lips, it was not always very elegant. From now on, we can create ultra-shiny renderings, without too much material effect. “In addition to their new light and comfortable hold, most glosses plump the lips and add volume, thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid in their formula : “The gloss is part of the” plumping “trend, which is the step just before giving yourself injections. The gloss takes care of the lips, he shapes them and gives them the illusion of being in good health. They look more fleshy and are more sensual “notes the expert.

On the color side, the gloss plays on the undertones: “Some are a little more pink, others a little more orange … but the gloss always gives a natural look. You can choose warmer shades in summer such as a slightly orangey red that warms the complexion. In summer, you can opt for a cooler fuchsia, or accentuate a porcelain complexion with a dewy mouth. To recreate the Parisian red lips in a gloss version, apply a red shade by patting it in the center of the lips. It’s very elegant and comfortable, ”he adds.

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Ideal during sunny days, the gloss gives a “healthy glow” effect and adds a touch of freshness that is particularly appreciable in summer: “The gloss brings shine because it catches the light. It has a very solar side. Stay in this luminous spirit by making up your complexion with a fairly light BB cream or a “glowy” foundation. Pair it with an orange or coral blush, with a little highlighter on the cheekbones and the arch. Avoid matte finishes, too harsh, which break the shine effect “recommends Enzo Fournier. the gloss is easily wearable every day thanks to its natural effect, it can become a real fashion accessory in the evening: “You can wear a gloss alone all day and allow yourself a more daring makeup at night. For example, apply a lipstick with a strong color by patting it to give a bitten lip effect, then add gloss over it like a top coat. This helps keep the freshness of the gloss with a little more intensity. Another option, apply a super glittery gloss, silver or gold, with a little of mascara on the eyes “suggests the make-up artist.

The most daring can even try their hand at glossy eyelids, one of the major beauty trends of 2020. A few touches of transparent gloss applied over an eye shadow are enough to bring shine to the eyes and create an original look. Guaranteed effect in the sun! The technique also works on the cheekbones (provided you do not have oily skin), to give a touch of radiance to the complexion.

For those who are afraid to put too much, Enzo Fournier recommendsapply the gloss to the finger by tapping it on the lips : “A gloss is like a foundation: when there is too much material, it tends to move and run. Today, most glosses are easy to work with and are flexible. You have to that the result is very defined on the mouth, so do not hesitate to work the contour of the lips with a pencil or a transparent gloss “adds the expert.

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Like all make-up trends returned from the years 1990-2000, Beware of do not fall into the first degree and the childish side! “Avoid too glittery and too colorful glosses which are not always tasteful and can give the impression of being a toy rather than makeup. Go for neutral shades and finishes, which are more elegant” advises Enzo Fournier , before recalling that the overall look of make-up must remain harmonious: “If you wear a gloss with a cold undertone like fuschia for example, do not combine it with an orange eye shadow … Stay in the same way tones and have a light hand over the eyes “.

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Slik Balm by Huda Beauty, € 21, at Sephora and on

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LustDivine Rose Gloss by Pat McGrath Labs, € 30, at Sephora and on the Pat McGrath Labs e-shop.

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