How to wear trendy wide leg jeans in fall 2020 and look feminine

Wide leg jeans are one of the main trends for fall 2020. In this article, we have described what to wear with wide leg jeans to look feminine and fashionable.

1. Heels

Pair wide leg jeans with heeled shoes. It can be either a high stiletto heel or a small stable heel – in any case, such shoes will add elegance to the image and make the gait light and smooth.

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2. Accessories

Accessories play an important role in creating a feminine look. Complement your jeans with an elegant hat, such as a hat or beret, and don’t forget about laconic jewelry: minimalist bracelets, chains and pearls will come in handy.

How to wear wide leg jeans for women in fall 2020
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3. Fitted top

For a feminine look, it’s important to emphasize the figure. Accentuate the waist by tucking the top into jeans, or accentuate the waist with a wide belt. This technique will allow you to demonstrate a sophisticated silhouette.

How women wear wide leg jeans in fall 2020
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How to wear wide leg jeans in fall 2020
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4. Jacket

A classic jacket will add a touch of severity to a casual look with wide jeans, making it feminine and elegant.

Feminine looks with wide jeans for fall 2020
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5. Things made of leather

A leather coat or shirt will add boldness to the look, making it spectacular and memorable.

How to look feminine in wide jeans
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6. Cloak

Classic combinations always look expensive and elegant. The combination of a basic raincoat and wide jeans creates a laconic and feminine look.

Fashionable wide leg jeans for fall 2020
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7. Oversized coat

Lightweight oversize will accentuate the fragile silhouette and add femininity. It is important not to overload the image with details so that the silhouette remains light.

Looks for fall with wide jeans
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8. Fur coat

With the onset of cold weather, wide jeans can be combined with fur coats of various styles, which always add chic to the image and look very feminine.

Wide leg jeans for women for fall 2020
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