How to wind your hair on an iron

In the arsenal of any modern girl there is a hair straightener. However, it can be used not only for straightening. If you try a little and follow the methods suggested below, you can make luxurious curls with an iron.

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Preparation for curling

Before you create luxurious curls with an iron, it is worth preparing your curls correctly. Agree, beauty is beauty, but hair health is more important. Start by washing your hair the day before wrapping. On freshly washed hair, most likely, the styling will not last long. When doing this, pay attention to the shampoo you will be using.

It is better to refuse in this case super-cleansers and moisturizers. The first shampoo will make your curls too vulnerable, and the second will coat each hair with a thin layer of silicone. The best option is shampoo for volume.

Girls with damaged, dry, lifeless hair should definitely use conditioner, apply it only to the ends so as not to weigh down the hair. For the normal type of locoons, you can do without it. Next, apply a balm or mask, also give preference to volume products. Do not forget about thermal protection – cream or spray.

To curl curls with an iron for a long time and not lose their elasticity, you need to use a primer. It can be found in your specialty store, or you can use mousse or texturizing spray as an alternative. These products are simply irreplaceable for any styling, they remove frizz, eliminate split ends, add shine and help smooth hair. You need to apply the primer to the full length. Wait until the funds are absorbed, the head is dry and now start rolling your hair on the iron.

The ways

You can create curls with an iron in different ways. But it is important to consider one golden rule – the smaller the size of your curling iron, the stronger the curl will hold. If you want to create curls with a light wave iron just before the big moment, feel free to take a large diameter straightener. So, let’s look at the most popular and simplest ways to make curls with a straightener.


To create luxurious curls with an iron, it is important to know how to hold the appliance correctly: holding it with the nose up, you will get a round curl.

How to curl your hair with an iron:

  1. Separate a small strand, it is better to stab the rest of the curls so that they do not interfere.
  2. Take a strand, place it between the ironing plates and press firmly. The thickness of the strand determines what kind of curl you end up with.
  3. Slowly turn the device 180 degrees and immediately move downward.
  4. A strand must pass through the curling iron to the end.
  5. Curl all your hair in the same way.
  6. When the curls have cooled, tilt your head back slightly and gently disassemble each lock with your fingers. Fix with varnish.

Styling “beach curls”

If you’re looking for an airy, messy style that’s reminiscent of wet hair, try curling your hair with a straightener. You need to create relaxed waves, you can do it like this:

  1. Separate a small strand, fix the rest with an elastic band.
  2. Twist the strand into a bundle.
  3. Grab the tourniquet at the roots with an iron and work the entire length.
  4. Let go of a strand and move on to the next.

In such a styling, you can experiment and make harnesses not at the base of the curls, but from the middle. You should have an easy styling, as if the hair naturally curls slightly.

With braids

This is a convenient way to straighten curls for long hair. Divide them into 4 parts and braid each part, fix with elastic bands at the ends. Now place each pigtail between the straightener plates and run along the entire length. Let the braids cool and then simply loosen them.

With foil

If you want to style your hair in a retro style, this is the perfect option for zigzag curls. This will require an iron and foil. Cut enough foil to wrap the entire head, twice as wide as the strand.

Then proceed according to the following scheme:

  1. Separate a small curl and wrap it in foil, fold it like an accordion.
  2. Now press the hair in the foil with an iron and wait 5 seconds.
  3. In this way, go over the entire head of hair, while immediately do not remove the foil, let it cool.
  4. When the foil has cooled, remove it from all the strands and, without combing, sprinkle them with varnish.

African curls

If you want small elastic curls, it is quite simple to make such curls with an iron:

  1. Separate a thin section (0.5 cm) and twist with your finger to make a ring of hair.
  2. Clamp such a ring with a straightener and hold for 10 seconds.
  3. Wrap all your hair this way.
  4. Then gently fluff each curl.

This way of curling your hair is quite time consuming, it can take you several hours to wrap your hair.

Elastic curls

If you want to make even and beautiful curls with an iron, while you have free time, try this styling option:

  1. Separate a 1cm strand and wrap it around your finger from tip to root.
  2. Secure the resulting ring with an invisible one.
  3. Now press it with an iron for 5 seconds.
  4. Walk this way all over your head.
  5. Wait until your hair cools down and then remove the invisibility.
  6. Run your fingers over the curls and fix the hair with varnish.

Cold wave method

Creating curls with a retro straightener is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. This method is similar to the “tourniquet” method, but in the end you will be able to make sharper curls:

  1. Start curling with the lower strands. Separate the wider strand with a comb and start ironing from the root.
  2. At first, slowly lead it, as if bending the strand inward, gradually going outward, then in a spiral, and so on to the end.
  3. Next, go to other strands and also go through them with a straightener.
  4. When you wind all the curls, gently walk over them with your hands.

How to quickly make curls with an iron

Often there is no way to waste time on styling, but you really want something new. We suggest you try simple ways to make waves with an iron in 5 minutes.

For long hair

Hair should be divided into 4–8 strands (depending on the density), each of which is rolled into a bundle and ironed over it, retreating from the roots 4–5 cm. As a result, you will get an easy, careless styling. The created waves do not need to be combed with an iron; if desired, they can be fixed with varnish.

For short hair

A thin curling iron will create curls for owners of short haircuts. It is better to start twisting at the roots. Clamp a small strand with a curling iron and, slowly scrolling it around its axis, move down. If the first time it was not possible to twist, wait until the strand cools down and repeat the action.

How not to ruin your hair?

With an iron at home, you can create incredible curls for both short haircuts and long ones. In order to style the curls with an iron and not harm them, it is important to follow some rules:

  • It is important to correctly approach the choice of this device. The cheapest models with metal plates spoil the hair, it is better to use a straightener with a tourmaline or ceramic coating. It is also important that the appliance is equipped with a temperature controller.
  • The contact time between strands and hot plates should be no more than 7-10 seconds.
  • Do not use an iron on wet hair.
  • Use thermal protection.
  • Take proper care of your hair, make masks.

It is important to set the temperature correctly, which depends on the quality and condition of the curls:

  • for thick dense hair – 200–230 ° С;
  • for thin dense – 180-190 ° С;
  • owners of thin hair – 130–170 ° С.

To create a hairstyle with an iron is not as difficult as it seems, in just 5-10 minutes you can make light waves, and spending a little more time, you will do the styling no worse than in the salon. Now you know how to create curls with a straightener quickly and easily.

: Daria Pisareva,

Useful video on how to wind your hair with an iron

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