How to wrap cabbage rolls in an original way?


This method is applicable in the preparation of mini cabbage rolls. To give the cabbage rolls a triangular shape, you need to start preparing cabbage leaves. They are boiled or baked in the oven. After that, the leaves will need to be cooled.

Each of the cabbage leaves is cut into strips 5-6 cm wide. In the corner of the blank, spread 1 tbsp. fillings. Roll the cabbage roll, bending the corner and forming a triangle. The free end of the cabbage strip will need to be hidden in the resulting “pocket”.


You can shape the stuffed cabbage rolls. This unusual way to wrap minced meat with rice will make the dish even more appetizing.

To form a roll cabbage roll on the table, you need to lay out a slightly boiled and cooled cabbage leaf. The filling is laid out over its entire surface, making small indents from the side edges. After that, a cabbage leaf with minced meat and boiled rice grains is wrapped in the form of a tube, pushing the free ends of the leaf on the sides of the roll inward.



To give the stuffed cabbage rolls, the filling is prepared in advance and the cabbage leaves are prepared.

To create cabbage rolls, a late variety of cabbage is better suited. This dish will decorate any festive table. The stuffed cabbage rolls will come out in miniature size. It is better to fry them in a frying pan in a small amount of vegetable oil, rather than boil them.

Spread the filling on the boiled cabbage leaf and roll the blank into a bag. The free top edge of the sheet is pushed inward. The bag will keep its shape well and will not break down during frying. The exit dish will turn out to be very soft and juicy.


You can also give the stuffed cabbage a round shape. Boil cabbage leaves in advance and prepare a filling of rice and minced meat.

The cabbage leaf should be laid out in a small and not too deep bowl so that the edges of the leaf hang down on all sides. Then the filling is spread in the center of the bowl, giving it the shape of a ball. The minced meat with rice is covered with the free ends of the cabbage leaf hanging from the bowl. The output turns out to be a neat round.

How to wrap cabbage rolls in an original way?
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You can make the serving of the dish original if you roll cabbage rolls with a snail.

Cabbage leaves are boiled or baked in the oven, cooled, laid out on the table. It is necessary to cut off all the veins from them and cut each leaf into two parts.

Spread the filling on the halves along the long edge and fold the sheet with a long roll. The resulting tube should be twisted so that it visually resembles a snail.

These original ways to wrap cabbage rolls will help diversify the serving of the dish. They are perfect for a festive table.

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