How was the casting of the New Model Show in Vladivostok

On September 12, the World Fashion Channel team, led by the general producer of the TV channel, Kirill Bondarenko, flew to Vladivostok with an important mission – to conduct a casting of participants for the third season of the New Model Show project.

More than a hundred girls came to the qualifying stage, but not everyone was lucky. Some participants even tried to argue with the jury and assure that they should be taken. Nevertheless, only four applicants managed to pass to the next stage, and some of them will be lucky enough to be on the project. As Maria Potapova, the producer of the project, noted, all the girls who passed to the next stage are very charismatic and unique in their own way. “Two girls specially came to the casting from Khabarovsk, they watched all the episodes of the project and dreamed of joining it someday. Another girl turned out to be an experienced model, she had already worked in China. The other, with excellent data, had previously worked in the banking sector, but took the risk of being selected. Such stories are very inspiring! “

Ahead – castings in Kazan, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities, new discoveries and someone’s dreams come true. Find all the details here. Don’t miss your chance to join the New Model Show project!


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