Hunt for the best after-sun to prolong your tan

“Body lotion and after-sun are not interchangeable. The aftersun, rich in calming agents, refresh and rehydrate skin that has been exposed to the sun for a long time ”. Treatwell, in a few words, explains the importance of the best after-sun, different from the body cream, more full-bodied and enveloping, suitable for dryness and cracking typical of the winter season.

How to get a tan without getting burned: the rules to follow

The skin, exposed for hours, every day, to UV rays tans or, if the SPF is wrong, it burns. Stressed by the sun, in the evening, after a shower, she needs to be pampered with the right ally.

Ingredients of natural origin such as aloe vera, eucalyptus, chamomile and lavender, are marvelous for relieving stress and calming redness after a short time from application. Then there are ad hoc formulations that also prolong the tan effect, for about a month.

One example is the Golden Tan Maximizer complex from Lancaster, which not only repairs and softens the dermis, but also keeps it bright and always tanned. The CUBE³ hyaluronic acid complex patented by Susanne Kaufmann, on the other hand, it has an intense moisturizing action and is hyper soothing on sunburn. The drops for the face of Korffinstead, they are equipped with DNA-Safe Complex, soothing and restorative, which it also prevents skin aging, counteracting the formation of wrinkles.

To maintain and extend your tan as long as possible, the best after-sun has the characteristics of an essential product. Who wants a boost of hydration can add a few drops of oil which, as Abiby advises, helps nourish and restore the skin’s balance.

Sensitive skin can try therice oil, mature skins, on the other hand, will have to focus on those based on oil pomegranate or rose seeds. If the skin, finally, should flake, especially in the parts where it is burned, yes to a ‘exfoliate constant in the shower. Just apply a full body scrub to stimulate cell renewal before a generous spread of after sun.


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