I don’t want a wife

“I love my wife very much. I am ready to give my life for her. We are soul mates with her. But I DO NOT WANT Her.”

To my deep disappointment: more than 50% of dissatisfied family partners (according to various sources). And the relevance of the topic is obvious, that sexual relations is a kind of foundation for healthy family life.

Often it seems to women that everything is fine with her husband in all respects, and the same sex happens. But after a while, their eyes open and wives learn about mistresses, erotic correspondence, hobbies for watching movies of explicit content – and these are far from the worst substitutes for unsatisfied desires.

When communicating with a man, if I hear that “the wife does not like sex” – I take a neutral position, because I am always responsible for everyone.

Now we do not consider cases when “it was like this from the very beginning” – this is already the field of psychotherapy and there are their own methods of working out internal blocks.

I’m talking about earthly life, when passion was at the beginning, of this long path, under the not exciting name “marriage.”

Beloved Men, and you tried to conduct your own experiments before attributing frigidity to Her? Maybe “she doesn’t want sex,” because it is not her husband who is … sick, but everyday life?

It is necessary to undergo regular prophylaxis – the inability to switch the head to getting pleasure (yes, it is through relaxed brain activity that a woman is capable of orgasms).

It is wonderful, of course, to admire a photograph of someone else’s beautiful woman using Photoshop, but after all, Own: dear, tasty – for what? Or who?

“Love your woman so that it doesn’t occur to her that someone else might love her even more.”


1. You tried to write an SMS on a weekday evening with an example of the text: “Children at their parents. I’ll pick you up at 20:00, put on your favorite dress.” And take her to dinner at a restaurant ?! Instead of waiting for her to finish working, buy food and feed the whole family dinner.

And upon returning home, undress Her, bathe in a hot bath and … yes! – put to bed.

You did not organize all this for sex, but out of an inner call to care.

“Give up the intention to receive, replace it with the intention to give, and you get what you gave up.”

W. Zealand


2. On weekends, in addition to “Ashan”, go to a lingerie store (always in those with underpants from 1 thousand rubles) and choose / evaluate with real interest a set on it.

“Indifference kills love.”

3. Once every 1-2 weeks (at least) take the day of everyday life on yourself.

After all, it is interesting to switch roles both in bed and in the kitchen: the best rest is a change of scenery.

4. Interact regularly – with children.

They are yours!

And you also need to move yourself: introduce fresh caresses, whispering text in your ear, toys, look for various variations of poses, but you don’t need all this at once! The mood changes, and you need to be sensitive to Her, her desires and capabilities – at the moment.

“Sex relieves tension. Love creates it.” (V. Allen).

So allow yourself to master the profession of “electrician” and create the MOST voltage that you need. Stay as a young lab assistant in your bedroom, where the passion for living experiences is stronger than virtual reality.

Follow the main rules:

a. Regular unselfish care (the wife is not a prostitute);

b. With an inner lively interest;

in. Diverse variety.

A source



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