I put on too much blush! how to make up for the damage

1. Blend your blush

The blush (or blush in French) is the ultimate touch to sublimate the complexion makeup. Pink for fair skin, orange for dark skin or flashy for dark skin, the blush creates a healthy glow immediate by bringing color to the face. However, do not have a heavy hand when applying it, at the risk of having a complexion that is much too heavy, and therefore unnatural. Here are two tips for applying a blush like a pro!


2. Rehydrate your cheekbones

“Everything makes up for it in makeup as long as the right techniques are applied. If you put on too much blush, you just need to take a brush (preferably clean) and blur until the desired result is obtained, explains Gaëlle Simao, makeup expert. You can also remove the surplus de blush using a tissue, by rubbing lightly, so as to remove only the excess material. ”

If this trick doesn’t prove to be enough efficient, you can also apply a dab of moisturizer on your cheeks, to further attenuate the color of your blush. In order to limit brillances and to do hold makeup, it is better to apply a little translucent powder to finish.



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