I tested Cocooning Yoga at a low price

Yoga is great for the body and the mind. So I allow myself a well-being break, but not expensive, with the Oly Be courses. Balance sheet.

For a well-deserved break from my overbooked daily life, I opt for a yoga class. But there are lots of yoga classes … So which one to choose?

My priority, if I want to be regular, is the price! I’m looking for affordable yoga classes which allow me to go there once or twice a week without straining my budget for the month. Also, as I often travel in Paris, I want to be able to have the choice, even at the last moment. A class next to my job or in my neighborhood before going home. I ask a lot and yet … I found the concept that really suits me at Oly Be.

How it works ?

First, we choose our preferred format: group lessons or lessons with neighbors / friends. For the first time, I am betting on the group lesson. I download the application to my phone for convenience and I choose the location and type of course I want to try. Among the multitude of sessions offered, Yoga Energy Boost, Yogalates, Hiit Yoga … I select Yoga Relax next to my home to relax after a busy day. The price ? 8.90 euros. I rush !

My Cocooning Yoga experience

I arrive at my first class. The room is at the end of a small courtyard, inside a company on a human scale, modern and very well decorated. I sit down and the class begins. We are 6 or 7 students, I am really delighted because it allows Elodie, our teacher, to offer us a really personalized course. I am learning to breathe well, to think in the present moment (very difficult!) And to follow the basic postures. The hour passes at full speed and ends with a few minutes of relaxation for my greatest pleasure.

I really liked this yoga class which allowed me to introduce myself to the discipline. Elodie provided great advice throughout the course. This gentle yoga is ideal for beginners or to take a zen break but which still works the silhouette.

The big plus of Oly Be? The possibility of following a course in an almost private committee. At my home, in my business or at my neighbor’s, I can organize a tailor-made session.
On the other hand, to be sure of having a place, book your lessons well in advance. They are filling up at breakneck speed!

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Group lesson price: 8.90 euros
Price for semi-private lessons: 20 euros

Oly Be is available in Paris, Ile de France, Lyon, Annecy, Grenoble, Nantes and Marseille

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