I tested for you … a Tibetan meditation

Me, Tibet, it makes me dream. The monks in red robes, the Buddhist temples, the contemplative serenity of the summits… This is my definition of happiness, I who am constantly speed! So when I was offered to test a Tibetan meditation session, I jumped at the chance. It must be said that the meditation, it’s my new hobby: not only does it help me concentrate but (in addition) it seems that it’s super good for your health. So here we go: even if I don’t quite understand what I’m getting into, I jump into the water!

I am not the only one to have come: in the room, a dozen curious people (men and women, teenagers as well as old people) are already present. We sit in a circle around a table, on which Catherine Dalquier, energy specialist and former graduate nurse, has placed 7 Tibetan bowls on small cushions. The bowls in question (which are composed of seven different metals, including copper, gold and silver) are finely engraved: they are true works of art! “They were made in Nepal. These are tools widely used in the Buddhist tradition and some weigh several tens of kilos! »Explains the practitioner.

The session begins with a ” cleaning operation »: When my turn comes, Catherine invites me to enter a bowl on a human scale, installed a little apart. Impressed by the size of the machine, I do not lead wide … When it hits it, I hold my breath: the vibration is powerful, it goes up from my toes to the top of my head. “This step allows me to visualize the flaws in your aura. I sort of spot the “knots”. During the session, we will work on it. »The aura? An energetic envelope which surrounds our body, and which would be very sensitive to our emotions.

Harmonize body and mind

Everyone finds their yoga mat (a few regulars have even brought their own bowl …) and the concert can begin. Because yes, at the beginning, I have the impression of being in a theater: Catherine, the “conductor”, makes the bowls sound one after the other (and with) the other and that has something of mystical. It’s pretty… but not transcendent. I have trouble let go. And then finally, after a few minutes, I let myself go: I close my eyes, I no longer think about anything and I concentrate on the “melody”. My body and my mind relax.

“Each bowl has a frequency,” explains the energetician. And each frequency corresponds to one of our 7 chakras, which are the “points” of energy circulation in our body. This is how we can act on body-mind harmony. »Exactly: during the session, Catherine gets up regularly to pass a« healing »bowl among the participants. When I receive it, the vibration envelops me completely. And somewhere I feel that it works.

An hour later, the parenthesis closes: the bowls are silent. Catherine circulates tea and we slowly return to the real world. For my part, I have the impression of being on a cloud: for an hour, I put aside all my worries. And there, I am full of energy. Ready to move mountains!

Find Catherine Dalquier and other explanations on Tibetan bowls on his website.

Did you know ? Children can also try their hand at meditation. Our explanations.


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