I tested palm reflexology

In case of stress, we often have the reflex to touch our hands to calm down. An intuitive gesture that can be explained by the more than 3,000 nerve endings they contain. It is precisely these that I will seek to act on the meridians and restart the circulation of energy. Palmar reflexology consists of exerting more or less strong pressure on the reflex zones of the hands to stimulate the corresponding organs, glands and tissues. Through acupuncture points, we act on the vital energy that circulates through the body through channels called meridians. The different types of stimulation make it possible to restart the flow of energy.

Simple actions to perform

When I learn that we are going to provide a massage on a partner (I was expecting self-massages), I congratulate myself on not having taken the “plantar” variant. I turn to my neighbor, very attentive since the beginning of the lesson, and I coat my hands with hazelnut oil. Stéphane Crété, the trainer, presents us with a protocol that has given excellent results… in retirement homes. At first, very focused on my gesture, I hardly dare to touch my partner. Little by little, my movements become smoother and more enveloping. My neighbor encourages me “It’s very nice when you are in this area”. The gestures, easy to perform, seem to do him a lot of good, even if I talk all the time to check that I am not making mistakes. It’s my neighbor’s turn to apply the protocol. She does not go dead hand and I feel lighter thanks to her tonic movements.

After a presentation on the best anti-stress essential oils, we move on to the self-massage protocol. We learn then that we walk in the region of the pituitary gland, we continue on the line of the spine, we finish with the solar plexus. Located in the palm of the hand, it is the one that we tend to massage spontaneously.

I liked it: an accessible massage

Managing stress is really within my reach. I practice this self-massage whenever I want. And I can offer my new massage skills to those around me who are a little tense, it’s flattering.

I liked less: limited functions

Besides the relaxation, I would have liked to feel other effects and solicited other organs such as digestion or ENT disorders. But according to the trainer, it is much more technical. So not within the reach of novices like us. Pity.

My verdict

The concert of yawns at the end of the workshop is revealing: the relaxation effect is there. At the office, it has almost become a mania: I massage the inside of the palms of my hands to chase away the tensions. A discreet gesture accessible to all.

Palmar reflexology aromatic self-massage workshop, Aroma zone, Paris, € 35 for 2 hours

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