I tested the Curl GHD Curve Soft curling iron

There it is, finally, my precious, like a jewel in its case: the looper the pros love and that should transform my curly and indomitable mop, into pretty, shiny and glamorous curls.



First impression

When getting started: he is light – in any case less heavy than what I imagined, and the looper tube is quite wide. And for good reason, I chose the 32 mm diameter model (there is another smaller one).

The materials are good quality : matt black plastic for the handle, shiny chromed metal for the gripper lever and soft feel of the heating part.

The cord is long – more than 2 meters – which will allow it to be handled without difficulty. It also has a label with a hologram and bar code. These elements allowregister my product online on the manufacturer’s website, to be able to activate the 2-year warranty (for which you will still need to keep the proof of purchase).

In the box, I also find the manual, a little guide with pro tips and one 3-finger heat-resistant glove (yes, 3 fingers!).

Come on, we plug in

Let’s go ! I plug in the beast, and I press the power button which lights up with a bell noise.
I take advantage of the heating time (the button flashes), to vaporize a spray thermoprotecteur on my hair (it is recommended by the manufacturer, but not delivered with the curler).

In a few seconds the optimum temperature of 185 ° C is reached. The button stays on, and a new beep tells me that “It’s good, we can go”.

First observation: it’s not as trivial as it sounds to wrap a lock of hair on a curling iron (and the presence of the thermoprotective glove takes on its full meaning …). I do it all the same, as best I can, and not a little proud, hold my assembly for 8 seconds as recommended.

I release and … my wick is smooth, a little wavy, but certainly not buckled. Damned !

But I do not admit defeat, and immerse myself immediately in the pro tips booklet.

Horizontal or vertical?

First rookie mistake : I held my curler vertically. It is allowed, of course, but only if one seeks to create ripples. But I want loops. And to do this, I have to hold the looper horizontally.
I find it hard to understand what a difference it can make, nevertheless I do and… miracle!

A perfect curl, round and voluminous, the wick has a nice spring, the hair is shiny, in short, it is successful.

Building on this first success, I repeat the operation, and succeed five new loops. Suddenly, I get carried away, lose focus, and miss again … I had to tire, lower my guard (and the looper) a little, and there you go …
Vigilance must be constant.

Twist the wick

Among the pro tips, to succeed in well-defined curls, GHD offers twist the wick before winding it onto the looper.

Easier said than done, but very effective once you get the hang of it.

Conversely, those who are looking for ripples, for a wavy effect fit for a mermaid, curl the hair flat along the tube.

In all cases, it will be necessary to think about fix the movements with a little hairspray, because after a few hours, the carriage becomes pumpkin again, and the loop disappears if it has not been properly protected.

So, verdict?

Adopted! Once we get the hang of it, it’s not that long …

Those who like me have frizzy hair, roughly, will find there a partner of choice for stylize and structure a bit of their hair mass.

And those who have softer lengths may, on the contrary, give a little fancy and volume to their hairstyles.

Note that this large diameter is perfect for creating wavy lines, or wide curls on the second half of the lengths.

If you like them tight curls, the lower diameter is perhaps more suitable.

After several sessions, the hair is not damaged (which is a good point),
and once the hairstyle is finished, they don’t smell like “grilled pig” (the expression is unfortunate I agree, but anyone who has ever tested a straightener or a looper, knows what I’m talking about).

On the plan security, he is also at the top: the device goes into standby before turning off automatically if not used for 30 minutes, the thermal protective glove is a real plus for the fingertips and looper end does not heat up, which allows the tool to be well maintained during styling.

Only downside: its price. It’s expensive, it’s true. But, it’s pro material, of good quality, which suddenly does not burn the hair.
Moreover, I imagine that over time the investment will pay off (my straightener from the same brand is indestructible).

Find out how well using and maintaining your curling iron



GHD Curve Soft – Curl Curling Iron, diameter 32 mm, € 147.31.


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