Ideal color and shade combinations for men

Many men find it much more difficult to afford to wear bright colors than women. Men are conservative, listen to opinions from the outside, so it is easier for most to follow the time-tested formulas for color combinations than listen to their heart, which may want to distinguish its owner from the gray mass.

But if we are dealing with brave men, which, oddly enough, are many, then they can afford both pink shirts and red suits, but at the same time they will not think that these things will somehow negatively affect their masculinity.

Everyone else, not the extreme right and not the radical left, needs to be helped to combine colors in their wardrobe, to explain that bright accents should not be afraid, but it is better to benefit from their stylistic literacy.

Once I was on a trip, a guy in an orange T-shirt and a red panama hat was with me in a tourist group. His striking appearance not only helped to immediately spot him in the crowd (by the way, good advice for mothers who are afraid of losing their child in a crowded place), but also served as an occasion to start a conversation. Even the most shy person will find it easier to attract the attention of a girl if there is a bright thing on him.

However, our article is not about one bright thing in the image, but about the ability to combine bright things in a men’s wardrobe, or to suggest the idea of ​​their appearance in the closet. Before my stylistic practice, there was a story when my friend and I spent a long time motivating a work colleague to update his wardrobe, as a result he bought a red sweatshirt, and then a red T-shirt. In my opinion, this is a manifestation of courage and flexibility.

Basic rules for combining colors

  • Black, white, gray can be combined with each other in any proportion. These colors are called achromats. Any achromat can be combined with a bright color. For example, a colored sweater will go well with gray pants.

color combinations in clothes for men

Example: achromat plus bright.

Style for men
  • Subdued colors are called neutralizers. They go well with each other and with bright colors. For example, a yellow T-shirt will look with khaki pants. The beige color and its shades also refer to neutralizers.

Shades of clothing for men
Shades of clothing for men

Example: neutralizer plus bright.

Ideal color and shade combinations for men
  • Shades of the same color work well together to create a monochrome look. Adjacent colors next to Itten’s circle also work in the set. For example, a burgundy shirt and a pink jacket.

  • Contrasting, opposite colors in Itten’s circle also go well with each other. For example, a green print on a red T-shirt is by the rules. You don’t have to wear an orange sweater with blue jeans, you can choose yellow laces or socks for purple sneakers.

  • The most distant pair is the color opposite in Itten’s circle plus one step. I would recommend starting with a combination of blue gins and a red sweatshirt. This decision will not shock anyone, but you will already start playing with color in your looks.

How a man can combine colors
  • A square is four equidistant colors. For example, green, yellow, blue, red. Any bright kits can soothe neutralizers. For example, beige trousers neutralize a yellow turtleneck paired with a green jacket.

  • Classical triad. For example, yellow sneakers, blue jeans, a red print on a gray T-shirt and the rule will already be fulfilled, and only sneakers will be visually bright in the image.

  • Analog triad. A very simple principle, especially if you work not on the transition of colors, but within one block, for example, several shades of yellow or blue in a set. You can wear navy jeans, a blue T-shirt, and a light blue denim jacket.

Color circle
  • Contrasting triad. Two colors through one and contrasting to them. For example, a blue suit, a blue shirt, and an orange bow tie or tie.

Color circle
  • Rectangle – opposite colors through a step. The combination is difficult if we are talking about masculine style. It is better to take a sweater that already includes several colors, for example, green, yellow, pink, and I would combine it with relaxed or torn jeans.

Color circle
  • Four-color triad. We take three colors located side by side and one contrasting to them. For example, you take a plaid shirt that combines shades of red and orange and pair it with blue jeans. A checkered shirt is already several colors in one wardrobe item, it is perfect for playing with the most complex color schemes.

Color circle

Rules for choosing the right color

From men you can often hear that this or that color either does not like it or does not go. If a woman can give a contrast to her appearance with the help of makeup, and any color will suit her, then it is better for a man to know the rules for choosing the right colors.

Why would a man need it? Many positions require a man to look good. Also, publicity, media will not tolerate blue circles under the eyes, but it is the wrong color on the face that can emphasize them. But just any woman will be pleased to look at a man whose eyes are shining, and it is not necessary for a woman to know that the reason for this is not her, but the shirt chosen correctly in color.

  1. We define warmth. If the skin has a yellow or peach palate, hair and eyes have a warm shade, then warm colors will suit you. If the skin has a blue or olive pallet, then it is better to choose clothes of cold shades to the face.
  2. Determine the contrast. If there is gray pigment in your appearance, there are no bright eyes, the eyes do not contrast in color with the hair, then most likely you are the owner of a muted appearance, and dusty colors will suit you. If you are a blonde with brown eyes or a brunette with blue eyes, then you can safely wear pure bright colors on your face.


  • Warm contrasting appearance. All colors are suitable for the face except cold muted, but it is best to choose warm bright ones. Examples of matching colors.
    How a man can combine colors
  • Warm, low-contrast appearance. The clothes on the face can be anything except cold saturated colors. Warm muted colors are ideal.
  • Cold contrasting appearance. We do not buy shirts and T-shirts in warm muted colors, but we choose clothes in cold bright colors to match.
  • Cold, low-contrast appearance. Enemies are warm bright colors, friends are cold muted shades.

Afraid to experiment, a white shirt or T-shirt will be the perfect solution to this tricky puzzle. But I highly recommend playing this game, it is impossible to believe in how the color changes appearance until you see it yourself. When I was doing a task at school of stylistics, and I had to collect in the store and try on all shades of red, I was just shocked by the result. For the first time, after trying on, I saw that muted warm shades suit me.

Image accents

Bright socks

If there is fear, but you want to add colors to the images, then start with colored socks, even famous TV presenters and politicians allow themselves to do so. To be honest, I don’t see any courage in this, for me colored socks are self-irony, lightness and a statement about readiness for experiments. And courage is a red suit.

Men's fashion


Men are the kings of hats and accessories, so they can be bright in the restrained palette of bows.

Color in shoes

I would advise you to pay special attention to colored shoes. It doesn’t have to be flashy, you don’t need to immediately go into circus history, but, for example, not black, but burgundy shoes, not white, but blue sneakers are quite easy to imagine as an alternative to the base.

Bright sweatshirt

A bright sweatshirt or T-shirt is not an accent, but at least the first color object of the image. If in ordinary life you have to work in an office with a dress code, then on vacation, on an airplane, you cannot do without a bright comfortable hoodie.

Colored suits

Of course, the easiest way to work with flowers is to work in relaxed youth, everyday looks, but in a business style, you can also experiment with color. After all, life consists not only of everyday life, but also of holidays, corporate events, dates, and for these cases, colored suits are suitable and will look appropriate.


How to choose a color for a man


How to choose a color for a man

Color in print

When working with color, it is not necessary to build images in the style of color blocking. The color can be in the print. Please note that almost all world designers have bags in their collections, they can also be colored.

How a man can combine colors

With the help of color schemes, you can also correct figure flaws, if you need to expand the shoulders, then choose a white top, if you stretch your height, then build an image on one color or on vertical lines, it can be not only striped pants, but the lines of a jacket or cardigan. The color will always draw attention to the part of the body that needs to be emphasized.

Children are not afraid of color, although from the cradle they try to convince us that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Let’s let ourselves be like children.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya

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