Ideal for short hair. How to use a hair dryer on your own

Girls with short hair have to style their hair every day. With a beautiful styling, the fair sex always looks more attractive. For this, a hairbrush is provided today. With it, you can create any styling. True, this can be done by learning how to properly use a hair dryer.

The main advantage of the brush is that you do not need to be a hairdresser to do your own styling. All you need is knowledge of a few little tricks that are not difficult to put into practice.

You can style only slightly dried hair

Do not try to style wet hair. Nothing will come of it, because the hair will simply get tangled and that’s it. First, they must be slightly dried and only then proceed with styling.

Brushing with a regular comb

Hair should be combed first with a simple comb. Only then can you start styling. This will help prevent tangling of the hair.

Pull the hair up for volume.

Volume will be when the hair is pulled up. At the very roots, they must be turned in the direction where you want them to look. Hairdressers advise winding one strand up and the other down the bottom, so that you get an easy and careless styling.

Pay attention to the direction of rotation

The button, which is responsible for the direction of rotation, will help to wind the ends of the hair in one direction or another. It is also better to purchase a hair dryer with a special attachment that will help add volume to the hair at the very roots.

You need to style your hair in separate strands

For styling, one strand of hair is taken, and the rest are fixed with a hair clip. It is necessary to take not too thick strands for styling. Then it will be much easier to lay them.

Short hair – low speed

The speed limit should be low. Then you can avoid dry hair and split ends. On the contrary, the longer the hair, the higher the speed should be. Over time, a woman will be able to choose the speed mode that suits her.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with using a hair dryer. Moreover, this is a relatively young, but effective tool for self-styling. With the help of it, any styling can be done independently at home.

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