ideas for short haircuts to adopt after 60

Modern, dynamic and elegant, here are all our ideas for short cuts to wear after 60 years to highlight your features.

Short cuts after 60: focus on volume

Hairdressers are unanimous on the subject: nothing like a pretty short haircut for rejuvenate the face after 60 years. In fact, following the hormonal changes linked to menopause, the hair tends to thin out and be rougher and more sparse At this age. In addition, white hair is also drier by nature. The solution ? Leave aside the long and mid-length cuts that age the features and make the hair appear even thinner and adopt short dynamics which allow to boost the volume in the roots. Pixie cut, boyish cut, short tapered bob… Discover all our ideas for short cuts ideal to wear after 60 years.

Short haircuts after 60: worked out shaping

To refresh the face and soften its oval, the ideal is to adopt a voluminous and airy short cut. It could be a voluminous pixie cut on the top of the head, a boyish cut that is a little longer at the legs and the nape of the neck, or a short, slightly tapered bob. To avoid the “helmet” effect, leave out the ultra-short boyish cuts. These will tend to mark the features past 60 and bring out the small defects of the face.


To give a sophisticated and elegant side to a short cut, it is essential to work it with a hairdryer and a round brush and then to texturize it with a styling product. This will make your hairstyle look more stylish and tend to give you a more modern and younger look. To create a voluminous root effect, work the hair with a brush round with fine diameter then dry the strands in reverse of the desired final movement. This will give you a nice movement. For a styled / tousled textured effect, apply a small amount of mat effect wax in the palms of your hands, heat the material then distribute it delicately over the lengths. You can also, with this same product, create a more disciplined smooth effect.


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