If you write him these 7 messages, he will soon run away from you !!

Corresponding with a man can be real science.… It’s amazing how a few simple words on the screen (or too many of them) can trigger all kinds of negative emotions, from boredom to irritation and anger.

You need to think about each message so that he does not perceive you as intrusive or demanding. And that’s why it is better not to write him the following messages, otherwise it can greatly scare him away:

1. “Please don’t leave me. I can not live without you”

It’s like a cry for help. This shows that you are desperate, and that you are ready to put up with anything, just to keep him. If you respect yourself, you shouldn’t write such a message. You need to work on yourself.

You may be thinking of showing him your feelings, but that won’t help you keep him. This will only worsen his attitude towards you.

2. “I’m sorry I made you angry. It won’t happen again. “

You let him know that you will do whatever he wants. If he was offended by the fact that you met with friends, that you have a life outside the relationship, then you should not continue this relationship. Don’t apologize for being happy without him. It won’t hurt a decent man.

3. Several messages in a row.

Not. Submit. Messages. Of. One. The words. This sin in correspondence is a bad habit, no matter who you write. No one wants to feel that their phone is constantly vibrating or ringing, no one wants to be distracted 20 times in a row by messages from the same person. Collect your thoughts and write one message. This way you reduce the risk that he might throw his phone against the wall due to the annoyance of your messages.

4. “Where are you? I called, but you did not answer. “

This is definitely not the message he wants from you. As well as you from him. This is an attempt to control, especially if it happens every day. He will feel that you are choking him with your control. He will feel like you need to know what is happening to him every minute, and this is annoying.

5. “I will do whatever you want. Just be with me”

No, you will not do whatever he wants, because you have to respect yourself. You don’t need a man to take you for granted while you pursue his dreams. No man is worthy of such a message. He will not be interested with you, because you are already ready prey, you do not resist, you do not run away. Predators very often ignore prey that appears to be dead.

6. “Who is the girl you were talking to?”

This message directly screams how insecure you are. But you don’t want to make that impression, do you? Even if you are worried about the fact that he was talking to an unknown girl, do not show it. Otherwise, you will seem intrusive to him.

7. “I will wait when you come home today”

If your man is out with friends and receives such a message from you, it will disappoint him. He doesn’t want you to wait for him and write while he is with his friends. This will show him that you don’t trust him. If this happens all the time, it can be a problem.

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We wish you happiness!!

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