In collaboration with LuisaViaRoma A back light scratches

A pace chart for back to tonic ! Photo Imaxtree

All of our parts are striped to the start of the school identified on the site LuisaViaRoma.

September. The back-to-school large and small. Every year it is the same ritual. We will pack up our summer business, we spring our necessary work, we invest in new pens and then we search desperately for the holding of the recovery. The one that will give the THE our year. Give us confidence and make us get off on the right foot. A vital need in the month of September so special, where nobody really knows where it goes… If it is not that it is hidden ! Then not to be depressed, it keeps the control on our closet to make us happy, simply. And this year, the holding of the back will be striped. For a look graphic and sophisticated. Fear to deceive you ? Follow our advice and our parts stroke of the heart was identified on the site LuisaViaRoma.

Vertical stripes

The vertical stripe is our friend. It lengthens the silhouette and adds dynamism to our look. Right in our boots as the lines of our tuxedo, we crowd the tarmac safe for us. The habit makes the monk for once. Such a Diane Keaton in Baby Boom, we put on our nicest tuxedo to stripe to try to juggle between metro, job and children. We love the model at Alexandre Vauthier. You can also opt for a version that is chic but cool with pants or denim legs eph and a cotton shirt. Blow of heart for this house Ganni.

Horizontal stripes

The horizontal stripes are a bit more complicated to wear and are not suitable for all shapes and sizes especially when it comes to a dress or a top cinched. In these cases, we put on the accessories such as the handbag or pair of sunglasses. We love the bag worn shoulder leather stripes in Off-White or even sunglasses in acetate “Orchid ” skin” in L. G. R. We can also bet on the mantle XXL striped, two trends of the season come together on one piece. Overview, model, and wool blend with stripes in Isabel Marant Etoile. The object of all covetousness.

To re-light scratches – Saint Laurent

Trousers in gabardine pinstripe, Saint Laurent, 690 €. Available on


To re-light scratches – Proenza Schouler

Pants in twill wool striped high waist, Proenza Schouler, 965 €. Available on


A back light stripes – Off-White

Bag worn shoulder leather striped, Off-White, 600 €. Available on


To re-light scratches – Loewe

Top in jersey stretch cotton in stripes, Loewe, 490 €. Available on


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