In love of his own accord: how to improve marital relations

Defeating a routine, saving your love boat from everyday life, falling in love with your husband again and awakening a sleeping desire in him is not as difficult as it seems.

All couples go through ups and downs. We figure out how to return the former passion and tenderness in a relationship with a husband in just 7 steps.

Step 1. Accept a routine

Our psyche is struggling to simplify and subdue life. This is how the very routine appears, which, in fact, the stability we need for confidence and calmness.

Useful advice. Don’t panic! You have not stopped loving each other, just passionate love is an extremely emotional, and therefore unpredictable state, you have tamed it in order to enjoy the road together, and not ride a roller coaster.

Step 2. Establish haptic communication

Touch is very important to all people. We do not allow strangers to touch us, but hugs from loved ones are always welcome. Physiologists have long recognized that hugging promotes the production of endorphins, which directly affect our well-being and health.

Useful advice. A little “huggable” math: 4 hugs a day are needed for survival, 8 – for a stable life, 12 – for personal development.

Step 3. Learn to stop moments

The ability to fixate in the moment is a very useful skill for relationships. When your husband asks you to sit with him and chat about anything, and you make a choice in favor of other things: “you need to start the washing machine,” “you need to check your child’s homework,” “you need to call your mother,” this is a wake-up call. So not long to stay forever in the proud company of the washing machine.

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Useful advice. In general, if your husband likes to just spend time with you, and not communicate strictly on business, this is a very positive sign. As the saying goes, “and let the whole world wait.”

Step 4. Get our name back

Pay attention to how you call each other. Often, with the birth of children, spouses begin to refer to each other as “dad” and “mom”. Remember, “a child is a guest in your house: feed, teach and let go.” He will grow up and leave to build his life, but his beloved Kolya / Vasya / cat / zaya / Nikolai Petrovich, it is quite possible, will remain with you until the end of his days.

Useful advice. A man and a woman are home, their relationship is the foundation. Start calling your husband what you called him before the children were born, and ask him to make a gesture in return.

Step 5. Go on dates

This is not about a restaurant with food to go, where you have already become familiar, and not about a trip with children to the exciting puppet show “Teremok”. Find an opportunity for only two of you to go out on a regular basis – to a concert of your favorite band, to a candid film, to a new bar, finally.

Useful advice. By the way, it is also useful for the rest of the household to take a break from you and your husband.

Step 6. Add fire

In household chores, it’s easy to give up on yourself, settle into stretched sweats and a sweatshirt and forget what makeup is. Don’t let this happen! For a husband, you must remain feminine, well-groomed and attractive. When he discovers that other men are looking at you on the street, holding the door for you, giving you compliments, he will certainly cheer up and look at you with loving eyes again.

Useful advice. Fortunately, nobody canceled the law of nature. Men are still hunters who like to conquer and don’t like to share.

Step 7. Making gifts

It’s not uncommon for people in stable relationships to forget the importance of spontaneous surprises. Deodorant and socks for February 23, pots and mimosa for March 8. Do not be offended by your husband who has stopped giving interesting gifts, it is better to start with yourself. Present him for no reason with the beautifully packaged thing he dreamed of. You will definitely receive reciprocal tokens and notice how the intimacy between you returns.

Buy such a watch!

Useful advice. From time to time, it is worth giving iconic gifts – for example, a watch. This is not only a status, but a speaking thing – a symbol of the fact that time has no power over your mature feelings.

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