In Nantes, citizens are committed to wind energy

Two wind turbines of 4.5 MW each, which will produce 18,000 megawatt hours per year, or the annual electricity consumption of 8,000 people… This is the ambitious project led by Nanteol, an association created in 2017 for the development of a wind farm in Nantes and its metropolis. The idea of ​​the 150 citizens involved is to re-appropriate part of the energy production in their territory, avoiding traditional circuits. All are happy to be able to act at their level for the energy transition by investing in this project which is both exemplary and pioneering. It would indeed be the first time that a wind farm would be installed directly on the territory of a large French metropolis, most of the projects being located more in rural territory.

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Solidarity citizen funding

But combining citizen participation and sustainable development comes at a cost: ten million euros will be needed to build the wind farm. Members of the association are invited to put their hands in their pockets, as well as all Nantes residents who would be motivated by the project. This participation will consist of taking shares in the wind farm and thus benefit from a return on investment. Citizen support will be supplemented by other funding from Ademe, the Region or the Department.

In the meantime, the project is making great strides: technical preliminary diagnostics are underway on a site on the outskirts of Nantes to assess whether it would be eligible for the construction of the park. Detailed studies will be launched by the association as soon as the community has given the green light on the choice of location.

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Note that Nanteol is part of a broader political will of the city, since the metropolis of Nantes aims to locally produce half of the energy it needs by 2050. And that’s not all: all of the energies produced must be renewable or derived from recovery (solar, heating networks, wind power, biomass, biogas, etc.). The profits generated by the Nanteol wind project will also be used to finance other projects in favor of energy transition in the region.

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