In the first cold weather we wear summer dresses with high boots

In 2021, autumn came on schedule, which means that warm clothes will have to be obtained earlier than we would like. It is not worth waiting for a thorough cooling for this. On the contrary, the gentle 20 degrees of heat provide an excellent opportunity to combine summer dresses with rough boots. It is definitely more comfortable to walk in cold puddles in them than in sandals.

Singer Dua Lipa proves that a voluminous jacket dress and knee-high boots are the best way to say goodbye to summer. Especially if you do it in a field with the latest flowers. Bella Hadid took her advice by wearing boots alongside a vintage Comme des Garçons checkered dress.

We choose boots that will warm both in September coolness and in the first frosts of November:

Shoes presented online and in the Asthik boutique at the address: Kiev, Lesi Ukrainka boulevard, 7a.

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