In what cases can a rest in a sanatorium harm your health?

Health tourism has more than one century of history. Today it is very popular, because it allows you to significantly save time and money by combining therapeutic procedures with new experiences. True, the spa traveler does not always get the desired result.

Losers tend to blame the entire sanatorium. Say, outdated, non-working treatment. But at the same time they forget about how many gross mistakes they made themselves. The reason for the disorderly, and sometimes criminal, attitude to their health on vacation is the frivolous attitude towards spa therapy.

Resort selection

Choose a sanatorium according to your needs
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I bought a ticket to the sanatorium at half price at work. In our time, some enterprises have kept this tradition. Naturally, the authorities do not look at the medical card of the person to whom the voucher is being awarded, and they are unlikely to understand medicine. Would a sane person swallow pills after buying them at a bargain price at a pharmacy and not even reading the instructions for them? The same rule applies to discount vouchers.

Did our grandparents really live in the era of medical illiteracy, because it was from the Soviet period that the practice of distributing vouchers to sanatoriums at the place of work came? I hope everyone has heard about occupational diseases. So, based on the knowledge of how work is harmful to health, resorts were assigned to enterprises, where it was possible to carry out prevention and therapy of acquired ailments. Times and technologies have changed, but the tradition has remained.

A friend went to a sanatorium – he returned rejuvenated. All diseases have receded. On his advice, you can buy a ticket for someone who is ready to take a pill to lower the pressure in case of pain in the stomach area, which are prescribed to a refreshed friend. The result will be exactly the same gloomy.

The spa treatment is selected individually, like any other therapeutic procedure or medicine. Before planning a wellness holiday, you should consult with your doctor. He is the only faithful advisor in this matter.


Think about how easy it is for you to acclimatize and change time zones
Think about how easy it is for you to acclimatize and change time zones
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Fatigue after a trip is replaced by poor health, which begins to inspire fear – this sensation is familiar to many lovers of distant wanderings. Changing climate and time zones negatively affects well-being. The more abrupt the change, the more acutely the body reacts.

If you do not allow yourself to get used to new conditions (and this sometimes takes a whole week) and try to correct the situation with intensive wellness procedures, it can only get worse. Any impact on the body in a situation where it is experiencing overload is undesirable.

In addition to getting used to a different temperature regime and daily routine, a resting person still faces a lot of natural hazards. These are allergic reactions to local flora and food with unusual ingredients.

In order not to aggravate the situation, during acclimatization it is better to remain faithful to the usual diet – the menu of the sanatoriums always contains dietary meals and the canteen workers are ready to take into account the requests of vacationers. When visiting parks and wilderness areas, people prone to allergic reactions should not forget about a medical mask.

Wellness procedures

Agree on all wellness treatments
Agree on all wellness treatments
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You should visit your local doctor’s office before starting any therapy. In all sanatoriums, most of the procedures are carried out exclusively according to the doctor’s prescription and in the volume in which they are prescribed. It is unacceptable to increase or decrease their number.

Family vacation in a sanatorium is a bad thing. If it has already happened that at the resort a person in need of treatment is accompanied by a loved one, the companion should not undergo wellness procedures “for the company”. Having treated the child with mineral water, the mother actually feeds him her medicines, and in an uncontrolled dosage.

Of course, the sanatorium lacks entertainment, and the food in the dining room is devoid of the attributes of a luxurious resort life. To fill the gaps, some set records for walking marches under the scorching sun, while others raid nearby drinking establishments. Do not forget about the temptation to spend a day on the beach, getting sunburn and monstrous dizziness from swimming in the sea. At home, the sad consequences of such records would be perceived calmly, but after all, a sanatorium vacation must improve your health!

The sad story of vacationers who demand too much from a trip to a sanatorium, while not assuming any responsibility for their own health, requires a conclusion.

Enjoy your vacation!
Enjoy your vacation!
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Are they themselves to blame – the passion for freebies and bad habits will not lead to good? They bring them to the doctor’s office, who has to deal with the consequences of rest. It turns out that there are two victims at once – the patient and the doctor. The latter, by the way, is not an outsider – it was he who had to explain the rules of health-improving rest to the would-be resort traveler.

It is much easier to prevent a mistake than to fix it. This simple rule applies to everyone. Do not be lazy to ask your doctor for advice, do not ask him to refer you to the “most affordable resort”, do not contact doctors who are ready to do it contrary to medical indications.


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