In what color to celebrate the New Year 2021: choosing the perfect outfits for a festive night

Tips to help you become the star of any New Year’s party

Each time, making our most cherished wish to the chimes, we hope for a miracle (and this does not go away with age). And we also do not lose confidence that the right image will help to win over the new year, therefore we devote so much time to preparing for the holiday – we rely on the right color and trends of the season. How to celebrate the coming 2021?

What color to celebrate the New Year 2021

2021 is the time of the White Metal Bull, so it is not surprising that all shades of white and gray will become the main colors on New Year’s Eve: finally, you can shine and not be shy about it, you have sequins, metallized fabrics, mother of pearl and feathers at your disposal.

According to stylists, the winning colors in 2021 will be purple, blue and the entire palette of yellow: it’s time to get that very golden dress out of your wardrobe. Astrologers assure that for those who want to attract luxury and prosperity into their lives, white will be the ideal color for celebrating the New Year. But for those who have been waiting for love for a long time, instead of a red or pink dress this year at the New Year’s party should appear in gray.

Red and animal prints will have to be abandoned this New Year’s Eve, so it is better to leave a leopard-print blouse and a dress with a zebra print for other holidays or take a walk during the long winter holidays.

Perfect dress for New Year’s Eve

In the New Year, more than ever, you want to be a real princess, so many choose spectacular dresses for the main night of the year. It’s time to slightly adjust the main covenant of Coco Chanel and put in your wardrobe not a little black, but a gray or silver dress. An unusual cut on the back, asymmetry on one shoulder and a high slit will add seductive accents to the image – it turns out that it is so easy to become the star of the party. Astrologers advise you to pay attention to the length of the dress: in 2021, for a New Year’s party, it is better to abandon the mini and give preference to options in the floor or midi length.

1 – Ginger & Smart, 2 – In The Mood For Love, 3 – Zara, 4 – Norma Kamali

5 – Jenny Packham, 6 – Gucci, 7 – Oscar de la Renta

Perfect skirt for New Year’s Eve

Leather, pleated and sheer skirts this year (revisit the Chloe show for inspiration) are all perfect for New Years. Combine them with a white blouse or top with feathers and say no to mini – they will have to be discarded this night, just like the leopard print.

1 – Moncler, 2 – Saint Laurent, 3 – Paco Rabanne, 4 – Isabel Marant, 5 – Michael Kors, 6 – Amen

Perfect jumpsuit for New Year’s Eve

Stylists recommend paying attention to jumpsuits with wide trousers: choose models in a metallic shade or with a graphic silver print. Astrologers also advise to give up neon jumpsuits and focus on details – fringe, sequins and jewelry. And for those who want to make an impression on the main night of the year, we advise you to take an example from Vera Brezhneva and dress up in a glaring jumpsuit, made as if made of liquid metal.

1 – Loulou, 2 – Pinko, 3 – Saiid Kobeisy, 4 – Jenny Packham, 5 – Goat

Perfect top for New Year’s Eve

Finally, say yes to satin fabrics, tops with lurex and sequins: on New Year’s Eve they will take center stage at the festive party. Stylists advise mixing a spectacular top with wide trousers, a midi-length pleated skirt or Bermuda – on New Year’s Eve you can afford to return to summer for a short while.

1 – Naked, 2 – Saint Laurent, 3 – Parlor, 4 – Paco Rabanne, 5 – Rachel Gilbert, 6 – Michael Kors

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