In what luxury watches to invest?

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PRACTICE – luxury watches second hand does not know the crisis. In which to invest? Chrono 24, who proposes in line nearly a half-million models selling, list those that make the grade.

Between containment and health crisis, the market for fine watches has strongly suffered, like so many others. The times were not the globe trotters hunters rare coin at the option of the time zones. The online sale on the other hand has a sustainable advantage, starting with the sites selling luxury second hand. “The demand for luxury watches, does chrono24 is higher than ever, confirms Tim Stracke, founder and co-CEO of the site. After a temporary decrease in sales at the beginning of the crisis, the figures have rebounded and are now 13% higher than before the coronavirus. Many clients have come to consider the mechanical watches of luxury as a form of investment exciting and very personal.” Provided, however, to know in what model to invest beyond the purchase pleasure.

An increase of 105% over five years

This is where all the difficulty of the investment passion, but also his double profitability: make the daily life of an object that we love, which, in addition to gaining value. In any case, according to the world leader in the sale of luxury watches second hand luxury watches are not aware of the crisis. Its price analyses, and models the increase or decrease is not based on tens of thousands of transactions, and on a database with almost half a million models offered for sale. Verdict: “mechanical watches of luxury have weathered the current storm and prove to be investments particularly wise. In fact, the brands most coveted have experienced a constant growth in recent years.” Thus, “the price of the ten best-selling models of Audemars Piguet have increased by 73% between July 2015 and July 2020. Regarding Patek Philippe, the ten most popular models does chrono24 have seen an assessment yet more impressive, with prices up 105% on average over the past five years.” And if some of them are offered at rates much higher than their value in the shop, others may on the contrary be more affordable.

The phenomenon Tudor

In which to invest? While the release of the next James Bond approach, does chrono24 points out that the shows current 007 arrives in mind of tastes of the Atlantic, with a Seamaster Diver 300M (ref. “At about 4400 dollars (3720 €) in the last three months, it remains a good entry point upmarket in the world of luxury watches. On the side of Rolex, the GMT-Master II Batman modern (ref. 126710BLNR) takes the third place in terms of sales Rolex does chrono24, before even the iconic “Pepsi”.” According to the site, “even if a correction has lowered its prices 20%, at $ 16,500 (13950 €), the GMT-Master II remains well above its list price, and is therefore a safe investment.” Tudor also offers a timepiece that is more than enticing with its second time zone: the Black Bay GMT “Pepsi” (ref. 79830RB). This “Pepsi” is the best-seller of the time for Tudor to not only shop, but also does chrono24, especially the version on a steel bracelet. The price of this model dropped by about 4% during the last twelve months. However, “it is always a point of entry fantastic in the world of luxury watches with prices of about 4,500 $ (3800 €). Still in Tudor, the very retro Black Bay, Fifty-Eight (ref. 79030) is also enthusiastic, with a price increase of 10% does chrono24 have these last few months, about 4500 $ (3800 €).”

The Rolex steel and stainless steel

Among the watches that increase in value on this reference site, include the special edition Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “First Omega in Space” (ref. 311. “with a price increase of 14% over the past three years, to about 4100 $ (3465 €). Of course, as everywhere, the Rolex stainless steel are part of the stars of the market, and the Datejust (ref.126334) is no exception.” The Datejust is currently number ten on the list of Rolex watches the most sold does chrono24: “among the different models Datejust, the version with steel case and blue dial is especially coveted. Those who possess one of these timepieces can expect to see a steady increase in price. Over the past three years, this edition has gained about 33% of value. It is currently selling for approximately $ 12,000 (10150 €) does chrono24.”

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