Increase your chances of becoming a mother with a diet

Becoming a mother is one of the dreams that almost every woman has thought about several times and has positioned herself to have a loving and fun child. Medical experience in recent years has shown that some external factors can have a positive or negative impact on a woman’s pregnancy. Diet is one of the things that can increase the chances of pregnancy in young women; Of course, provided a correct and principled program is used.

According to the online Ideal Meg magazine, if a group of foods is consumed together in a certain quantity and over a specific period of time; It can increase the chances of women getting pregnant and ultimately experience the beautiful and sacred joy of motherhood. But questions like: What foods increase our chances of becoming mothers? When should we start the maternity diet? What foods can reduce the chances of pregnancy? And … there are all cases answered in this article.

A very large and common mistake arises in this area. This is because some people think that in order to increase their chances of conceiving, only women should follow a diet! This assumption is absolutely false. Because needy men must participate in this diet with their wives and increase their chances of producing fertile sperm by eating certain foods.

Foods that can increase your chances of becoming a mother

Items in this list; They are healthy foods that we all know about their benefits. Dear women are advised to include these foods in their daily routine and their spouses so that they can rely on God; Increase your chances of getting pregnant:


In every healthy diet we know; Vegetables have a special and indispensable place. Vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, pepper etc. can have a positive effect on women and help men produce healthy sperm.


Eating more legumes in the diet can lead to more protein in the body. The bodies of men are in desperate need of protein to produce healthy sperm, and legumes such as beans, peas, lentils, beans, and chickpeas can play an undeniable role.

Raw almonds

Zinc has a major effect on healthy sperm production, and almonds are known to be one of the richest sources of zinc in nature. Doctors recommend eating a little raw almond before having sex to increase your chances and your partner will become pregnant and eventually reproduce.

the strawberry

A substance called folic acid can help women ovulate considerably effectively. Strawberries are one of the richest sources of folic acid and are readily available to women. So do not forget to eat this delicious fruit.

It is interesting to know that folic acid plays a very important role in preventing genetic anomalies and ultimately producing a defective child. So if you want your baby to be born healthy in the end, Make sure not to forget the sources of folic acid.


If you are looking for another rich source of folic acid; You have to get used to eating asparagus. These beneficial nutrients, in addition to folic acid, also contain large amounts of fiber and copper, all of which can increase a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant. Of course, in addition to increasing the chances of getting pregnant, asparagus can be very effective in producing a healthy and flawless baby.

the banana

Bananas are a rich source of potassium, which has a major impact on women’s faith. Potassium makes the vaginal environment alkaline, which improves ovulation and ultimately makes pregnancy easier. Eat at least one banana in your diet daily.


Nuts like hazelnuts, nuts, pistachios, and almonds can also increase your maternity chances. All that was said; In addition to being high in folic acid, it is also known to be a powerful source of omega-3. Fresh and raw nuts clearly have a much greater effect than their roasted kind.


Taking avocado before sex can affect a woman’s pregnancy. Of course, men should consume avocado. The fatty acids in this food have a positive effect on increasing sperm quality and can eventually lead to pregnancy in women.

an egg

Eggs are also one of the foods that have a positive effect on most of the body’s mechanisms. Due to the many properties of eggs, it is not surprising that its consumption can also increase the chances of pregnancy. Eggs are rich in proteins and fatty acids and eat them while trying to conceive. Recommended.

For more information, we suggest reading the article on high-calorie foods for boys in Ide Mag.

What foods reduce a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant?

Now that we are aware of foods that increase your chances of becoming a mother; It is time to indicate what to do and what couples should not follow. Certain foods, due to their nature and function in the body, can significantly reduce the chances of pregnancy in women:


This food, ironically, plays a very important role in the daily food basket of Iranian families; It can disrupt your pregnancy. Rice increases insulin in the body, which reduces a woman’s chances of becoming a mother. Of course, this does not mean the total elimination of rice from the diet. Alternatively, lowering your intake can help maintain insulin levels stable and ultimately increase your chances of pregnancy.

White bread

This food, like rice, has an important role in the food basket of Iranians. But baking, because it contains a lot of unrefined carbohydrates, can eventually increase your insulin levels in your body and, of course, reduce the chance of pregnancy. When you plan to become a mother; Better to save a little on bread.

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