Individual style: history of formation and features

Today we will talk again about finding your own style that will harmonize with our inner world and emphasize individuality. All fashion media talk about individuality in style, but not everyone can find it. Perhaps the following story will help us in this …

My name is Irina, for close and good old friends I am Irma, and I am a stylist-image maker. Today I will talk about how my individual style was formed and about my favorite techniques that I use in my looks.

As far as I can remember, I have always treated the topic of fashion and style with special trepidation. In childhood, in the difficult 90s for many, there was no means, and even the opportunity, to dress stylishly, but nevertheless, my mother tried to dress me beautifully and tastefully: she knitted, sewed, found stylish things in second hand (then they were just beginning to appear in our city).

Probably since then my love for fashion began. I enthusiastically watched the shows of designers on TV, got inspired, and then sat down at the table and drew my own models of clothes, came up with new unusual styles. She was also inspired by the images of her favorite celebrities, TV series stars. With the advent of the Internet, I could spend hours looking at and studying their images from photo shoots.

It so happened that when the time came to choose a future profession for myself, I took a different path, which had nothing to do with the fashion industry. It was music, to which I have devoted more than 20 years, and it was the love for music and art in general that contributed to the development of my taste in clothing as well. But love for fashion has been a red thread throughout my entire adult life.

My dress style
My dress style

The birth of a child and the time of the decree forced me to reconsider my views on my style and life attitudes. I started to take an active interest in fashion, read fashion blogs, watch stylist videos on youtube, follow street style and actively work on my style.

For a long time and carefully analyzed my wardrobe, looked for information about the basic wardrobe, through trial and error, I selected things that satisfy my requirements 100%. Everything was important: personal preferences, character, moments that I wanted to emphasize, the thing must have become loved. It was during this period of time that I decided that I wanted to learn to be a stylist, as I wanted to help the girls around me solve their problems regarding the wardrobe and find my own individual style that reflects the inner world.

Individual style: history of formation and features

After starting my studies at the Restyle studio, I was convinced that after a long wandering and searching for myself, I finally chose the right direction, and now I am exactly in my place. I plunged even more into experiments with my style, worked out the skill of finding the perfect things to reflect myself and my message to the world around me.

Love and immersion in the field of art, watching (blogs, shows, street style, cult TV shows: Beverly Hills 90210, Friends, Gossip Girl), acquired expert knowledge of style, constant analysis and a clear understanding of how I want to look and, most importantly, how I like to look are all the highlights that have shaped my personal style.

The main styles that reflect my character and my message to others are drama, minimalism, casual, sometimes I also introduce things from business style, grunge and deconstructivism. With the help of interesting and asymmetrical cutouts, you can very brightly beat basic things, and this rule I often use when composing my outfits.

One of my favorite style tricks that enhances the degree of completeness of the image and makes it as interesting as possible for me is a combination of different styles in one image, a contrast of textures and in the cold season it is, of course, layering.

In the image, first of all, I pay attention to shoes, a bag and accessories in general. At the same time, the outfit can be quite laconic, but unusual details will always make it more complete and interesting. In footwear, I prefer local local workshops, which make stylish shoes for showrooms by hand, in small batches.

High-quality shoes are always worth their weight in gold, but here I can be sure that a pair is made of good materials and will last a long time. I approach the choice of bags very carefully: the quality of the fittings and the chosen material also determines how the bag will behave when worn and how quickly it will lose its appearance. Suede bags, bags made of soft thin leather are taboo for me, since these are, at least, not practical and short-lived materials.

In the choice of clothes, in general, I choose more concise and simple styles from high-quality fabrics, I like to combine things that emphasize the dignity of the figure with more free and relaxed ones. In the store, I also always think in advance how many images I can create with the selected unit. Usually, the guideline for me is about 5 outfits.

If we are talking about outerwear, then it should fit into the maximum number of images, so here I give preference to basic models. With accessories, including hats, scarves, the situation is different – here I am looking for more interesting and unusual options, or I choose bright colors, or I combine basic models of various textures, colors, styles.

For me, style is a constantly changing and flexible form of self-expression. If the mood, lifestyle, desired impression and even goals in life change, the external image also changes. At the same time, there are certain features of my individual style that remain unchanged, these are the presence of clear geometric lines, the use of high-quality materials, the balance of intellectual and creative elements in each image, as a reflection of the two main components of my life and character.

Author: Irina Melnikova, instagram: @ irmina.stylist

How to find your style
How to find your style

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