Ingrown hair problem: how to get rid of them after epilation

Why do they grow

If the problem of ingrown hairs is familiar to you from a young age, then most likely you have a violation of the sloughing of the upper layers of the skin, scientifically hyperkeratosis… How to understand that it is he? Easy. If your skin is too dry and seems dull, it is most likely hyperkeratosis. Most often, it is he who is the cause of the formation of ingrown hairs. But no less often hair grows in after waxing. If a couple of days after the procedure the skin becomes covered with minor inflammations, say hello to your master. When waxing, everything is important: the angle of inclination, the force of the jerk. And the inaccuracy of the master changes the direction of hair growth, which leads to their ingrowth under the skin.

Where do they grow

Ingrown hairs on the legs are not so bad, but when it comes to bikinis … The skin there is very delicate and sensitive, the slightest inflammation brings terrible discomfort. By the way, men also face this problem – both in intimate areas and when epilating hair on the chin and neck. The appearance in these areas of small inflammation is called pseudofolliculitis. It is usually caused by ingrown hairs.

What to do

Ingrown hair is not only an aesthetic problem. Ingrown hair is an inflammation that can affect not only a small area of ​​the skin, but a very large area. Therefore, you still need to consult a doctor if you often encounter this problem. There have been cases when an ingrown hair gave rise to an abscess. Removing it is already a surgeon’s job. What else can help you in this case?

  • Anti-inflammatory ointments and creams. But the doctor should prescribe them, do not self-medicate.
  • Mechanical opening of the focus of inflammation. This is also done in the doctor’s office as needed. It doesn’t hurt and allows the ingrown hair to “break through”.
  • Use of peels and constant moisturizing. In the case of hypercartosis, you need to pay double attention to your skin. Body peels and regular moisturizing of the skin will help to get rid of existing ingrown hairs faster and reduce the risk of their occurrence in the future.
  • Hair removal with laser hair removal. This method, although not cheap, is considered one of the most effective today. In the case of laser action, the hair is destroyed by heat energy, and the remaining hair is “eaten up” by the cells of the immune system.


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