Instakids: 5 attitudes to ban

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Do you know the “instakids”? These are the kids whose entire lives are sprawled out on Instagram. First steps, nice outfit, vacation … Any occasion is a good reason to share a photo of your little one.

According to a survey conducted by the Gece Institute among 1011 parents of children under 8, a third of babies already have a digital fingerprint even before being born (ultrasound, birth announcement, etc.). Still according to the same study, 90% of parents surveyed create a digital imprint on their child at some point (photos, creation of an account, etc.). A habit which is however far from healthy.

5 attitudes parents should banish

Of course you are proud of your little one, but that’s no reason to display it from an early age on the net. As a parent, it is your duty to protect your child, whether in life or on social media. Therefore, it is advisable to follow a few rules.

1. Post photos of her baby in abundance

You have become parents and it is natural to want to share this good news with your loved ones. After all, it is one of the primary functions of social networks! But that’s no reason for your profile to become your child’s digital photo album: share your images in moderation and limit yourself to big events.

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2. Humiliate your child or make fun of it on social networks

First Christmas, holiday memories, stay with grandpa and grandma… There are certain moments that are precious and it is quite understandable that you want to share them. Avoid embarrassing photos, however: on the Internet, nothing is lost and it can backfire on you or your child. In addition, your son / daughter will certainly not be happy to find out years later that you shared his first time on the potty …

3. Create an account in the name of your child

It’s a common practice among stars, but not only. Still, creating an account in your child’s name is far from a good idea – it gives them a digital identity that they might not want to have. Besides, what could he share?

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4. Choose the image for your child that you want to send back to him

Even if you find your child adorable in all the beautiful outfits you have found for him, that is no reason to turn him into a mini-influencer: who tells you that this is the image he wants to have of him on the networks? Do not catalog him in a box when he does not yet know who he is.

5. Don’t ask the child if you can share the photos

You naturally take pictures of your baby without asking their permission. But as soon as your child is old enough to understand what a digital fingerprint is, do not share any image without their permission: they have the right to refuse that you post it on social networks.

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