Instead of flowers and peas: houndstooth print – fall 2020 trend

On suits, jackets and sweatshirts: the houndstooth print returns to wardrobes both in a classic look and in a new interpretation.

Originally popular for many years, the print appeared during the Roman Empire and had only the traditional black and white version, but in the new season the designers decided to rethink the goose foot and painted the classic print in multi-colored tones.

History of appearance

It’s not for nothing that stylists say that if you don’t know what print is in trend now, feel free to choose a cage. This fall, the goose foot print is more relevant than ever: it can be found on skirts, trousers or suits. The popularization of the goose foot print is due to the son of Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales: it was he who began to wear this stylish pattern on clothes in the 1930s and made it a symbol of real aristocrats.

It is not surprising that this print got into the women’s wardrobe thanks to Coco Chanel – with her light hand, a place for a goose foot was found even during the fashionable revolution of the 1960s: it was worn on jackboots and daring miniskirts.

Photo: Michael Kors Fall-Winter 2020-2021

The goose foot also has a second name – pied-de-poule. Princess Diana adored clothes decorated with this print: she wore dresses, coats and bright houndstooth jackets with classic pumps with heels, wide-brimmed felt hats and her favorite pearl jewelry.

Jacket with print

A jacket with a houndstooth print has become a new classic in modern looks: the designers of Nina Ricci this season showed an unusual combination of a classic jacket and a bright red hat of an unusual shape – it turned out to be modern and relevant. It turned out that the jacket with a print houndstooth is ideally combined not only with pants and jeans, but also with a maxi skirt made of flying fabric with a floral print. And in order to balance the romantic look, designers suggest opting for coarse black boots ideal for rainy autumn weather.

Photo: Nina Ricci Fall-Winter 2020-2021

This season, the houndstooth print has received a new reading: designers have decorated it in more cheerful colors. And if you revisit the Versace show, you will notice that the combination of a classic and interpreted houndstooth in one look is not only bold, but also stylish.

Photo: Versace Fall-Winter 2020-2021

In autumn, many people want to blend in with the cityscape and therefore choose gray or black clothes. However, a monochrome look in the off-season often looks dull and dull, and in order to solve this problem, we advise you to turn to the goose foot print for help. Start with the jacket – it blends perfectly with the dark monochrome image and becomes its “protagonist”.

Printed outerwear

This fall, designers are advised to get away from their own prejudices and allow themselves to be a hooligan even in an everyday look, for example, they suggest wearing a model with a houndstooth print and leather inserts instead of a classic leather jacket. This jacket matches perfectly with a pleated skirt fashionable this season and high boots.

Photo: Hermès Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Autumn is the perfect time to wrap yourself up in a warm coat and go out to meet interesting business. And in order to feel stylish even in outerwear, designers suggest wearing a coat with a houndstooth print this season. If you’re worried about overwhelming your look, go for solid shoes and a bag – they’ll balance the contrasting print perfectly.

Suit with print

A suit with a houndstooth print is a garment that makes many people dazzle, but the designers claim that if you choose the right accessories and place the right accents, then you can’t imagine a better suit. At the Off-White show, they came up with the perfect distraction: models in suits with a print houndstooth went to the catwalk with deliberately huge bags in their hands: it was this accessory that distracted attention from the solid print and balanced the image.

Photo: Off-White Fall-Winter 2020–2021

Not everyone can immediately decide on a suit with a houndstooth print, but if you are all for bold experiments, then we suggest you choose a suit with a mini-skirt. Add high black boots, a trendy cap and accent accessories to a daring look. And the snow-white turtleneck will add elegance to this urban look – we promise, all the views on the walk will definitely be yours.

Printed dress

The tuxedo dress entered the trend in the spring of 2020 and stayed with us for several seasons, so the designers did not get distracted and combined several trends in one outfit. It is recommended to combine such a dress with familiar accessories, for example, with black pumps and dark skinny sunglasses.

Photo: David Koma Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Sweatshirt with print

This season, designers have suggested moving away from the classic black and white houndstooth print and focusing on more interesting shades. Stylists advise to choose clothes with a print in beige colors – such a thing will perfectly fit into your basic wardrobe and will become indispensable in cool autumn weather. Pair a houndstooth sweatshirt with beige pants and rough boots for a casual outfit or a walk in the park with friends.

Printed accessories

Do not forget that the goose foot print can easily appear not only on clothes, but also on accessories. A simple look with a basic white shirt and classic blue jeans is a perfect complement to a bag with a houndstooth print. There is a great life hack for those who are afraid to introduce a fashionable print into their fall wardrobe – start small. Add a long black coat, dark sunglasses, ankle boots with heels and a bag with an accent houndstooth print for an instant fall look.

Fashion practice

We went for a virtual shopping and picked up clothes with a houndstooth print from the collections of fashion brands for the fall 2020. And if you are still wondering whether such clothes will fit into your everyday wardrobe, pay attention to the accessories – they can inspire daring experiments.

In the photo: 1 – Balmain jacket, 2 – Alexandre Vauthier skirt, 3 – Gucci vest, 4 and 5 – McQ Alexander McQueen skirt and jacket

In the photo: 1 – H&M shirt, 2 – Mango pants, 3 – Zara blouse, 4 – Natasha Zinko bag, 5 – MSGM dress

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