Interview with designer Elena Akinfieva

Dear readers, today we had a wonderful chance to ask a few questions and chat with a Russian designer, fashion blogger, successful business woman and just a fashion lover Elena Akinfieva. She kindly agreed to answer our questions in order to share a piece of her great life experience with us. Elena has been working for over 20 years and, one might say, even lives in the fashion industry and fashion.

Elena, good afternoon. Tell our readers a little about yourself. How did your interest in fashion and clothing design begin? How did you understand that this is your calling?

I was interested in fashion, one might say, from the very birth. I loved to dream, to imagine myself in different images, royal dresses. I think I was born with a love for beauty, which I try to demonstrate in my collections today, making them elegant and feminine. At the age of 21 I graduated from the University of Economics with a degree in accounting, and then, unexpectedly for myself, I realized that this is not mine! I decided to do what I had dreamed of for a long time – to create beautiful outfits, to make others beautiful, in general – to give myself completely to the art of fashion.

How did you get the idea to open your own business? Was it difficult to start and what difficulties did you face?

I am a very purposeful and energetic person, so I had the idea of ​​my own business from school. Therefore, I decided to direct my energy in the right direction – to provide for myself and achieve my goals. I am always guided by the motto – “I see the goal – I see no obstacles”! It is always difficult to start when you are at the beginning of the path, but if you do not stop there, success is inevitable. I want to give advice to beginners – boldly go forward, through difficulties, to your dreams! It is the obstacles that make us stronger, through them we gain invaluable life experience and the desire to move on.

What is your brand concept? What should a modern girl look like?

My brand concept is a woman goddess. She is the embodiment of beauty, femininity, charm and her own personality. My collections reflect the very essence of a woman’s nature, her sophistication, different moods and characters, and inner energy. I dream that modern women do not forget about their natural essence: after all, they are goddesses, the beginning of all beginnings! As a woman, I very subtly feel the inner world of the rest of the fair sex, for whom the expression of the inner “I”, the feeling of self-confidence, desire is important. And clothing contributes to this, like nothing else. The most sophisticated women who are my clients are always satisfied, because my brand belongs to the luxury segment. They are very selective, they dress by world designers, but they also add things of my brand to their wardrobe with love. Their admiration and positive emotions from my collections are confirmation of the high level, which I always try to match ..

What are your inspirations for creating new collections? Which designers do you consider to be an authority in the fashion world?

Where does inspiration come from? My inspiration is communication with happy, positive people. They are always ready to share the energy and beauty of the inner world – it really inspires new achievements! I am looking for beauty in everything that surrounds me, and I am always ready to convey it to the clothes that I create. There are so many beautiful women in Russia, so my inspiration is inexhaustible! From the authorities in the fashion world, I am very impressed: Cristobal Balenciaga, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent.

Are you familiar with the state of creative crisis? What to do in such situations, how to overcome it?

I think the state of creative crisis is familiar to everyone. Designers are creative people, which means they are emotional. Certain events in life, or its overly turbulent course, do affect the working mood. As an example, let us take the difficult situation in the world and in our country today, which has affected each of us. The emergence of a little-known disease and the massive spread of the Covid-19 virus were a turning point in the lives of most people. I was able to rebuild, began to help people and hospitals in my usual creative direction – I organized the sewing of designer masks with the image of my logo, the swan princess. The realization that I am making my contribution to a big cause, that I can do something to help in this difficult time for everyone, helped me not to fall into the whirlpool of a creative crisis. And for other situations – I have my own secret: the morning mood is always a guarantee of a successful day, it is very important to “recharge” and tune in to achieve a certain goal. Self-motivation helps with this, what I do, I have a whole ritual.

Which of your clothing models / collections do you personally like best?

Personally, what I like the most in my collection is the golden corset evening dress. It is made of two fabrics that are completely different in texture. The basis is a luxurious gold linen embroidered with pearls and gold sequins. Such splendor is created by hand, otherwise nothing, too much delicate work. The second fabric is heavy matte gold silk. All this is organically combined into an outfit with a silk lining. This is a unique handicraft, difficult to execute, so the result looks like a work of art. The production of such a dress takes at least 2 weeks. That’s why outfits of this level have such a value!

Each designer has their own individual style. How would you describe yours?

Style is a reflection of the inner state, the attitude of everyone, expressed in external forms. An individual style appears not only due to clothing, it is makeup, demeanor in society, the presence of taste in everything, a lifestyle. In my collections my attitude and inner state are conveyed. And my world is beauty, femininity, sometimes with elements of romanticism. This is a pronounced individuality of nature, but with notes of restraint, elegance. An active life position is also a striking leitmotif of my collections.

You can order clothes by designer Elena Akinfieva through the Instagram page @elena_akinfieva_brand

Personal Instagram account of fashion blogger Elena Akinfieva @elena_lux

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