Investing in yourself. What is better not to save money to look expensive

Each of us, leaving home, wants to look not only stylish, beautiful, fashionable, but also expensive. But you don’t need to make millions to look like a million.
And an expensive thing is not equal to quality. These are laconicism, simplicity of lines, quality of fabric, restrained colors, noble shades, correct accessories, well-groomed and neat appearance. So what things are better not to save on.


To increase the degree of status exclusively within the wardrobe context and transform the image as a whole, the first thing you shouldn’t save on is a bag. This is the accessory that, with proper selection, will not go out of fashion and will serve you for many years. In this case, it is better to give preference to the minimalism style, which focuses on the brevity of the details. Bags in this style will be a balance between trend and versatility.


The right quality classic pantsuit. Simple, no unnecessary decor. It will become the most versatile item in your wardrobe and will fully justify your investment. This is like a foundation on which it is better not to economize. A large number of images can be completed with it. Want to have sneakers and a white T-shirt, a silk blouse and pumps, or a turtleneck and ankle boots. It can also be “broken” and worn for each element (bottom and top) separately. And there can be an endless variety of kits.


This includes the trench coat. If you want to really invest in your wardrobe, then you need to think about buying outerwear. In this category, it is the classic coat and the basic trench coat that will become the key options. They should be concise in shape and length. It is better to choose a color that can withstand both calm and bright colors in clothes.


Each of us has our own universal style, and the set of shoes in it will also be individual. For some, these are leather white sneakers or elegant beige pumps, maybe these are soft loafers or martins, or perhaps these are pipe boots or Cossacks. But still, if you already have your own specific style and you know without which pair of shoes it will not be complete, then it is in this pair of shoes that it is better to invest.

Belts & Belts

Don’t underestimate a wardrobe item like a belt. If you love and wear this accessory, then it is definitely worth investing in buying a good, leather belt. Today it serves not only as an object to maintain trousers – it is a complete accessory for placing accents in the image. It should not be too thin, but not very wide either. The best option is a belt 2 – 3 cm wide. It should have high-quality fittings and seams.

Belt in women's wardrobe


Glasses are not only an element of style, but also a matter of health. And it’s better not to save on health. This includes both vision glasses and sunglasses. The frame of the glasses must be made of high quality materials, the correct fit and fit the shape of the face. If you give preference to a laconic model that will look like you, then such a thing will serve you faithfully for many years.

And here I would like to emphasize that the concept of price and value of a thing are different. Price is what we pay for the thing, and value is the cost of the thing, which we divide by the number of outputs. Accordingly, if we talk about things, then these are the ones that will be relevant for many years and fit everything. And these are hundreds of exits that a thing must withstand, this will be the value of the investment.

However, appearance determines the image more than clothing. And here it is necessary to note a couple more points on which you definitely do not need to save. Taking care of yourself is also an investment, and sometimes not small. Haircut, coloring, eyebrows, condition of hair, skin, body care, nails, teeth – all this requires significant costs, both financial and time. And the latter is required much more.

Everyone who reads this now is investing their most valuable resource – time. After all, in order to understand what suits you, it takes time. Finding a specific model also takes time. To gain knowledge, develop observance – all this takes time. This has its drawbacks, but it has even more advantages, because it gives us insight into why some, with limited funds, can look significantly better than those who can afford everything.

And if the time spent is multiplied by desire and perseverance, then we will derive the very formula for success, which will be a secret not only in building a wardrobe of dreams, but in the principle of any achievement. Time invested in yourself is the most valuable investment in your future.

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