Iris perfume: 6 best compositions

An incredibly luxurious Iris flower, loved by many of us. Iris captivates with its beauty and immense color palette, in which almost all shades are present, except perhaps red – scarlet. It is often grown in the garden. And in perfumery, Iris can be in the top notes, in the heart of the fragrance and in the base palette. It also serves as a fixative for spicy and floral notes. Iris prefers to be in a musky and gourmand environment. Its roots bring delicate powdery aromas to the perfume.

has already talked about fragrances with notes of Iris more than once. But when these gorgeous flowers bloom outside the window in their magnificent outfits, you want to turn to them again and again …

Each of us chooses our perfume compositions, built on those notes that awaken romance, femininity or confidence, courage, sensuality, create a special world where everything is familiar to you, where your feelings and emotions rule. Many fans of the magical world of perfumery, among the aromas with notes of Iris, prefer such aromas – as …

«Josephine Rance 1795»

A magnificent scent in which Iris is at the heart of the composition. The fragrance was created for a beautiful woman, and with its rich content reflects the atmosphere of the flower garden of Josephine. The fragrance was published in 2005, the group of fragrances is oriental floral. Perfumer Jeanne Sandra Rance.

Some perfume fans argue that this composition is for a woman without age, but there are those who consider the fragrance intended for an adult and confident woman, which was Josephine herself.

Iris perfume

In any case, the fragrance is noble and feminine, and its composition really repeats the entire fragrant palette of Josephine’s garden. It includes beautiful flowers and fragrant plants: jasmine, hyacinth, bergamot, ylang-ylang, hawthorn, rose, peony, lilac. And that’s not all, in the heart of the fragrance – Iris, geranium, cloves, galbanum, peach, black currant, violet leaf. The final notes of the fragrance, like a refined trail, consisting of a cloud of musk tones, with overflowing notes of sandalwood, amber, vanilla and ebony, complete the composition of grace and beauty, femininity and refined taste, filled with passion.

PG14 Iris Taizo Parfumerie Generale

The fragrance for men and women was released in 2006 and belongs to the oriental group of fragrances. Perfumer: Pierre Guillaume.

Like all Pierre Guillaume fragrances, PG14 Iris Taizo is full of beauty and mystery. This precious elixir will help you get into a wonderful world, because it personifies the magical sunlight.

The fragrance features honey, iris, mexican vanilla, cardamom, kyara olibanum and woody notes.

The perfumer began his activity in 2002. And a year later his compositions became favorite and popular in many countries of the world. All of Pierre Guillaume’s miniatures are perfect, delightful and exclusive. The beauty of the sound of each perfume strikes the imagination with depth, harmony and mysterious fabulous power.

6 best iris perfumes

Infusion D’iris Prada

The fragrance for women was launched in 2007 and belongs to the floral woody-musky group. The perfumer is Daniela Andrier.

This fragrance does not require information about your age. He opposes all stereotypes, and invites both young girls and adult charming women to evaluate his sound. The composition of the fragrance is built on the sparkling aroma of orange blossom, tangerine, neroli, which give the fragrance a clean and fresh sound. The iris in the heart of the fragrance exudes a delicate powdery scent. His tremulousness and grace are conveyed exclusively naturally.

In the base of the scent, benzoin, vetiver, cedar, incense and galbanum emphasize the elegance and femininity of the wearer. The velvety notes of the base perfectly complement the floral-powdery scent of Iris. This perfume received the FiFi Award Fragrance Of The Year Women`s Nouveau Niche 2008.

Iris Powder Frederic Malle

The fragrance was released in 2000 and belongs to the floral aldehyde group. Renowned perfumer Pierre Bourdon has presented a magnificent fragrance for beautiful women who are not averse to complementing their beauty with attractive accents. The multifaceted shades of iris convey the delicacy and elegance of the fragrance. Sweet vanilla and sensual musk accompany with their warm and velvety notes the unique beauty of a graceful flower. The whole composition is woven harmoniously, with a perfect combination of components: tonka bean, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, vetiver and iris.

The fragrance creates an aura of mysterious depth around the woman, some mysticism and softness.

Eau de parfum with iris

Water of Parma Iris Nobile

The fragrance for women, released in 2006, belongs to the floral woody-musky group. Perfumers – Francoise Caron and Francis Kurkdjian. The composition of the fragrance immediately evokes admiration: top notes – bergamot, Corsican orange, mandarin orange, Iris, star anise; the heart of the fragrance is mimosa, Mexican tuberose, orange blossom, hibiscus, ylang-ylang and Calabrian cedar.

Delicate floral composition is set off by amber and vanilla. “Iris Absolute is unrivaled elegance.”

Deep and luxurious Iris conquers with its beauty and tenderness, one cannot but admire the seductive perfume that has absorbed the luxury of floral notes. The fragrance was created for sophisticated women, from the first notes it captures the versatility and perfect combination of components.

The aroma is noble and warm, very persistent.

Chanel Mission

The fragrance was launched in 2015 and is part of the Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection. This novelty was named after Messi Sert, a friend of Coco Chanel. A gifted woman was the owner of one of the most fashionable Parisian salons. At the same time, she was a pianist and muse for many artists.

Olivier Polge became the creator of the complex floral oriental composition. The fragrance has a soft powdery aroma of expensive cosmetics. The scent is elegant, its sound is unobtrusive, but everyone around it notices it. It recalls the scent of the freedom-loving women of the 1920s.

The composition of the fragrance: top notes – aldehydes and lychee make up the first chord; in the heart – benzoin, raspberry, peach, rose. A refined and inviting aroma creates a pleasant sweetness and a warm, enchanting trail. The base chord, consisting of benzoin, tonka bean, violet, iris, powdery notes and vanilla, is able to emphasize the charm and mystery of its owner.

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Perfume with iris

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