Is acupuncture right for me?

“It is not a technique, but a medicine and a system of thought in its own right”, explains Dr Gilles Andrès, president of the French Acupuncture Association. A medicine which considers that the body is traversed by energy flows which can be disturbed. After careful examination, the acupuncturist will prick a number of very fine, almost painless needles in specific areas. The objective is to regulate the flow of energy and the physical or psychic functions targeted. Clearly, acupuncture strengthens the body’s self-healing processes.

What is it indicated for?

Many chronic daily problems can find a lasting solution: back pain, digestive disorders, migraine, skin diseases, stress, depression … Its pain relieving action was even proven by researchers at the Rochester medical center in 2010. . “Acupuncture is also used in addition to allopathic medicine, for example against nausea and vomiting caused by cancer treatments”, adds Dr Andrès.

But it has no effect on …

Almost nothing. On the other hand, if acupuncture can relieve pain in the acute phase, such as sore throat or fever, there are other more rapid and effective therapeutic solutions.

Is it affordable?

Acupuncture consultations cost between 30 and 80 euros, knowing that it takes an average of two to four sessions. Social Security generally reimburses 23 euros per appointment, but some mutuals can also cover part of the consultation.

Which address ?

In France, an acupuncturist must be a doctor. You can find a licensed practitioner near you by visiting the site.

Our verdict

Acupuncture has the merit of being interested in the individual as a whole, from the physical to the psychological. The consultation, long, is pleasant, because we feel more “understood”. Its field of action is wider than that of mesotherapy, and it is generally possible to reduce its consumption of drugs. However, if we do not feel any improvement after two or three sessions, we move on!

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