Is flu vaccination needed during the coronavirus pandemic?

Everyone is waiting for the appearance of a vaccine against coronavirus, and instead of it, the people are offered to be massively vaccinated against influenza. In past years, this procedure was popular only among the most conscientious citizens at risk. Fortunately, it is no longer viewed as an excessive precaution, a risky game or exotic. According to statistics, in October 2019, 30% of Russians were vaccinated against influenza.

This year’s coronavirus visit has mixed all the cards. The emergence of mobile clinics on the streets of cities and the possibility of getting vaccinated against influenza in medical institutions raises more questions than the desire to get vaccinated immediately. More information about the risks and benefits of this preventive measure is needed to clear all doubts.

The combination of influenza and coronavirus

Let’s start with the good news: a cross between flu and coronavirus to produce a monstrous mutant is impossible. Orthomyxoviruses are the cause of SARS, and SARS-CoV-2 belongs to a different family of viruses. Each strain of pests multiplies by replication, that is, independently reproducing its own kind, in the host’s cell, and not having the ability to exchange its properties with “colleagues”.

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Love between the two enemies of humanity will not work, but they will not be at enmity in the same territory. In the course of its life, none of the infections produces something that would prevent the other from entering the body. Immunity to one of the diseases after a final recovery will not work against the second.

But the combination of influenza and COVID-19 can turn into a death sentence for the patient. Moreover, it is not necessary that the uninvited guests come in at the same time. So that this statement does not sound like a terrible fairy tale, we will give the arguments:

  • Influenza and coronavirus affect the respiratory system and can cause viral pneumonia. This increases the risk of death.
  • In a person whose body is weakened by ARVI, COVID-19 will proceed in a more severe form. Considering that the flu often gives complications to the heart and lungs, then having had it on your legs, you can easily fall into a risk group.
  • Coronavirus and influenza virus can disable a wide variety of organs and systems. The more organs are unable to function adequately, the more severe the course of the disease.

Flu season and coronavirus

Having familiarized yourself with the epidemiological situation in the world, it is easy to understand that the coronavirus has not gone anywhere. At the moment, both the countries of the American continent and Europe show high rates of morbidity. The lifting of restrictive measures returned bad statistics to the previous figures for the number of people admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of COVID-19.

Is flu vaccination needed during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Re-infection with coronavirus has been proven. There are few of them, and they are associated with long trips.

Different strains of SARS-CoV-2 “work” in different parts of the planet. Having recovered from one variety, the second option suffers asymptomatically, while actively spreading the infection. As soon as international traffic is fully restored, there will be an order of magnitude more carriers of the coronavirus.

Because of this, it is ridiculous to say that it is possible to naturally obtain herd immunity. Anyone who has not yet been ill can at any time get an infection from his supposedly protected acquaintance.

The seasonal flu attack, due to the difficult epidemiological situation, has not been canceled. According to the forecasts of virologists, in 2020 humanity will be attacked by two strains of group A. Mass cases of the disease will begin as soon as autumn ceases to please us with warmth. At the same time, the coronavirus is also activating.

Influenza and coronavirus are transmitted by the same airborne droplets. Humid air and coolness allow mucus from the nasopharynx of patients to stay on any surface longer, keeping the infection for the new host. SARS in the list of its symptoms has such a nuisance as a severe runny nose. A runny nose will make even the most conscientious citizen remove the mask and spread the infection.

Is flu vaccination needed during the coronavirus pandemic?
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The safety of influenza vaccination during the coronavirus pandemic

Having considered the reasons for the need to get a flu shot, you need to figure out what the risks of this procedure may be.

How likely is this option: a person is an asymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus, he is injected with a flu vaccine and the disease becomes dangerous?

For those who are attentive to their body, such an adventure belongs to the category of fantastic horror stories. The so-called asymptomatic variant of the disease is manifested by a number of symptoms that are difficult to miss. If it is difficult to believe your impressions, you can take a test for COVID-19 before going to the clinic.

And the doctors who vaccinate do not sleep – before giving the injection, they will conduct a small physical examination to make sure that the visitor to their office is healthy. If they have doubts that the patient does not have any diseases that are not compatible with the vaccination, the event will be postponed.

The flu protection starts working a few weeks after the vaccination and lasts from six months to a year. The effectiveness of vaccine prophylaxis exceeds 95%. The current situation requires that as many people as possible be protected from dangerous seasonal illness.

Is flu vaccination needed during the coronavirus pandemic?
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While the coronavirus vaccines developed by scientists around the world are at the final stage of testing, it is necessary to use the achievements of medicine that are already in the arsenal of mankind.

Reduce the size of the COVID-19 risk group – get the flu shot!

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