Is it possible not to wear a mask and who can use it

Repetition is the mother of learning. Although it is difficult to call it a repetition. Recommendations that change depending on the circumstances. The crown continues to actively move around the planet and is not going to give up positions. In some European countries, a lockdown is close or has already been introduced. And the citizens still wonder is it possible not to wear a mask.

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Editorial staff “So easy!” is also heterogeneous in her opinion. There are opponents of masks, but there are also ardent adherents. As for me, I won’t be surprised at the mask for sure. Over the years I spent in China, the mask has become something of a matter of course for me. It’s not even that the Chinese are afraid of polluted air. It’s just that your face is warm.

Is it possible not to wear a mask

Let’s return to the Chinese, but for now, to our realities. Here we focus on Elena Malysheva and WHO recommendations. Here’s what they think about who can not wear a mask and who can not.

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Is it possible not to wear a mask for children

According to European pediatricians, it can even be dangerous for children under five years old to wear masks. In the United States, there are cases when children who were wearing masks for more than eight hours simply suffocated. In addition, the risk of infection from such a child is minimal, since the volume of his lungs is incommensurate with the lungs of an adult.

wearing a mask is harmful for children
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Experts estimate this risk at only 1%, in the remaining 99% contact with a child, even if he is sick, does not pose a threat. For example, adults “distribute” the crown four times more, this number is already 4.4%. Finns and Swedes have come to the conclusion that children are more at risk from sick adults. In general, European pediatricians believe that children will do just fine without masks.

Is it possible not to wear a mask for older people

Although statistics classify older people as the main risk group, nevertheless, at the moment, they “catch” the crown not much more often than everyone else. There is something in common with children: in old people, the volume of the lungs is also reduced, breathing is often shallow. In addition, there are others age changesthat qualify as ailments.

wearing a mask for the elderly
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You don’t need to be seven spans in the forehead to understand: it’s hard for grandparents to wear masks. Oxygen saturation is critical, and in a mask, a drop of a few percent can cause serious discomfort for an elderly person. Belgian doctors are convinced that wearing a mask for a long time can be compared to an extremely poorly ventilated room.

What do we have at the output? Decrease in oxygen flow and, conversely, saturation with carbon dioxide. This will cause dizziness and headache in a healthy person, to say nothing of the elderly. Doctors do not recommend wearing masks thoughtlessly – it is better to maintain social distance and use so-called transparent plastic screens.

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How to wear a mask for everyone else

Let’s turn to common sense. Be that as it may, but the mask is some kind of barrier. It is especially relevant for those who cough and sneeze. You, dear guys, must wear it so as not to put others at risk. And the best thing is to stay at home, today no one will blame for this.

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Yes, we are used to going to work with clear signs of SARS, but in this situation it is absolutely impossible. Therefore, once again: we wear masks where and when it is regulated by law. If it’s hard to wear a mask, then we are keeping social distance, trying to use a special screen. And we do not give in to unnecessary panic, we respect each other. Watch this issue of Elena Malysheva’s program “Living Healthy” to fully master the topic.

From the editor

Since the crown has not yet been properly studied, you should not consider yourself an all-sign and ignore general rules… If you don’t want to wear a mask, goodness. Then keep your distance and do not create uncomfortable situations for those who prefer to wear masks. The same applies to ardent masks, who in their paranoia sometimes go beyond all conceivable boundaries.

is it possible not to wear a mask
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Is it possible not to wear a mask? Let’s return now to the Chinese, for whom a mask is not just an element of protection, but now an image attribute. Even written beauties wear masks, as they believe that this way delicate skin is less weathered. There is something to think about, isn’t it? From us an article on how a mask allows you to identify a sociopath and why it is so obvious. Thank you for staying with us!

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