Is the H&M 2020 collab going to take place?

H&M announces its flagship collaboration of the year with designer Giambattista Valli. Same timing the previous spring with Moschino, unveiled in April 2018. What about the H&M 2020 collaboration? At the end of June, silence still reigns on the Swedish giant’s social networks, to the point of becoming worrying. Has the Covid 19 health crisis got the better of the capsule collection the most anticipated of ready-to-wear?

Floral dresses H&M X Johanna Ortiz, the sustainable surf line Women + Waves x H&M, the collaborations fruitful are multiplying on the hunting board of the accessible sign. But there is no clue to suggest the major association with a big name that everyone will be rushing for in the fall. Do not panic, the signals are nevertheless green. If the tradition wants a spring revelation, it must still be remembered that certain years were exceptions, as in 2016 with ERDEM X H&M disclosed in mid-July. Contacted by us, the H&M press service is mysterious but reassuring on this subject: there will soon be announcements. It remains to watch for the famous teasing to be the first to know about this launch event.

H&M history

Since its creation in 1947, H&M has been one of the most essential fast-fashion brands. It is in Sweden that the story of H&M. 30-year-old businessman Erling Persson returns from a trip to New York where he observed a new way of selling clothes. Returning to his native country, he opened in 1947 in the city of Västerås a women’s ready-to-wear store called Hennes, a word which means “hers” in Swedish. Twenty years later, the businessman bought a hunting equipment store, Mauritz Widforss, which notably offered men’s clothing. Hennes & Mauritz Thus officially saw the light of day in 1968 and dresses the whole family since children’s collections are offered alongside those reserved for adults. From 1973, lingerie and cosmetics lines were added to ready-to-wear lines and the brand continued to expand, until it was listed on the Stockholm stock exchange in 1974. Hennes & Mauritz also changed its face this year. -there, since all stores shorten their names to become H&M.

The brand, which quickly spread to the Scandinavian countries, began its international breakthrough in the 1980s. The United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg and even France (H&M Paris opened in 1998) celebrated the openings of their first H&M stores, before the brand set sail for the United States and Asia. Today, the company has more than 4,400 stores in 73 international countries. Since 2016, it has been developing a very advantageous loyalty program called H&M Club. E-commerce, launched in 1998 in Sweden, is now available in around fifty countries. Enough to allow everyone to access H&M sales, guaranteed 100% low prices. And to invite itself to the homes of its customers, the brand has also launched H&M Home in 2009.

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H&M is interested in the environment

In 2010, the Swedish brand launched an eco-responsible collection, H&M Conscious. A line that is becoming more and more important and is even sported on the red carpet by celebrities like Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde or Michelle Williams.

Since 2013, H&M has also offered customers the opportunity to drop off their old clothes in the brand’s stores in order to recycle them. Since the launch of this giant collection, 50,000 tonnes of textiles have been collected by the brand.

And in 2019, H&M decided to lift the veil on the provenance of its products, as well as its suppliers and production plants. Whether in store using a QR code per label, on the Internet or on the brand’s application, all the information is available in a few clicks, in order to be as transparent as possible.

For the years to come, H&M has set itself substantial objectives in terms of environmental protection. By 2020, the brand would like all the cotton in its collections to be sustainable. By 2030, 100% of its materials should be sustainable or from recycling. In 2019, H&M takes a further step towards circular fashion by testing clothing rental with its Conscious line in his Sergels Torg store in Stockholm.

H&M collaborations

In 2004, H&M has an incredible announcement to make. The fast fashion brand is about to collaborate with one of the most famous couturiers around the world. This is Karl Lagerfeld, who then officiates in the very luxurious house of Chanel for twenty years. Together, they imagined 30 models in black or white for men and women: coat, sequined blazer, shirt with bib, little dress… At prices far removed from those of haute couture (at most 149.90 euros), for prove that style is priceless.

Since this first event collaboration, sold-out worldwide, H&M has renewed the experience with a myriad of designers. To name but a few, Stella McCartney in 2005, Sonia Rykiel in 2009, Lanvin in 2010, Versace in 2011, Isabel Marant in 2013, Balmain in 2015, Moschino in 2018 and Giambattista Valli in 2019.

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