Is there a coronavirus: opinion of actress Maria Shukshina

Surprisingly, there are people who still think about is there a coronavirus… Moreover, some are sure that he does not exist and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. When famous people make such statements, it becomes a little uncomfortable. After all, celebrities are in part ways to influence the opinion of fans by bringing their ideas and beliefs to the masses.


For example, more recently, Maria Shukshina spoke about the situation with coronavirus. On her social networks, the Russian film actress urges people to “come to their senses” and says that she does not believe in the seriousness of the global pandemic. Today we will tell you more about the woman’s reasoning, as well as how it was received by her devoted fans.

Is there a coronavirus

When Maria Shukshina said she was skeptical about the coronavirus, fans supported her. However, talk about the exaggerated danger of this disease has been going on since the very beginning of the pandemic. The actress is sure that it is beneficial for the authorities to sow fear among people in society.

The woman is not used to throwing words into the wind. On her Instagram page, she tried to publish a provocative video. In it, doctors from all over the world explain why COVID-19 is not as scary as it is painted. Moreover, in the video we are talking about the fact that no quarantine tightening is needed. This is because it will immediately lead to a deterioration in the psychological state of people.

But the actress’s attempt was unsuccessful. The video did not pass the moderation of social networks, and neither Instagram nor Facebook. The celebrities managed to share the video only in their Telegram channel. If you are interested to know what is really at stake, we share a link to the source.

Maria Shukshina decided to write a whole post about this on her page. In it, she encourages people to think with their heads and not be fooled by tricks: “All our prominent doctors, academicians and professors, virologists and epidemiologists, Chuchalin, Gundarov, Vorobyov, Filatov, Zverev, Redko, even Roshal, say that coronavirus is not more dangerous than flu. Not more dangerous than the flu! The government puts him on a par with plague, cholera and smallpox in order to justify its measures to lockdown the population. “.

In response, the actress received a lot of comments in which fans thank the woman for her position and honesty. “Mashenka, thank you so much that you are with us, that you are for us, for people, for humanity, for justice. You are a fighter with a capital letter! “ – writes one of the subscribers.

By the way, this is not the only post on “covid” topics. And supporters of the actress call her a fighter for a reason. Maria Shukshina is constantly trying to upload such videos. Moreover, she also talks with foreign doctors and other specialists. They are popularly called dissenters covid. These are people who deny the seriousness of the disease and believe that the problem is artificial.

What is the truth?

It has long been clear that all people were conditionally divided into two groups. Some believe in what is happening in the world, while others do not. Ironically, the group of the first people is actively replenished with the same skeptics who themselves go through all the circles of Hell. But doubts still linger. And that’s okay, because it’s human by nature to doubt.

doctor in hospital

True, those whose relatives have passed away due to a serious illness do not doubt. And those who remember in great detail how hard it was to go through those very few weeks, not to mention the period of rehabilitation. And also those who failed to get adequate medical care because hospitals and doctors are overwhelmed.

Literally today, a colleague of my young man wrote in a work chat: “My mom has a covid, 37% of her lungs are affected. Feels bad. She lives in a small town where there is no way to get help. We visited all the doctors, they just close the door in front of us. They don’t want to consult us even by telephone ”.

long-awaited hugs

Unfortunately, this is reality. And the truth is, we’re all just tired. Especially those who risk their lives every day to save others. We in no way urge you to believe or not believe. And even more so to listen to the opinion of Maria Shukshina. Think critically and draw your own conclusions… And most importantly – take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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